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    I got the same email, but I did not recieve a call from them. I know that I answered the clinical questions well. I just graduated and I do not have any prior experience in a hospital. I was wondering if that mattered. I am still holding out hope.

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    I went to the interview today. I inteviewed with a nursing manager from a med/surg unit. Does anyone know about the other managers that were not there? Also, did anyone find out what the starting salary was? I thought that this might be a nice blog to start to share ideas and information about the upcoming program.

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    I went to the interview today. I was a little disappointed because there were not a lot of Unit Nursing Managers available. I ended up interviewing with a Unit Manager from a floor that I did not sign up for. I think that it went well, but I do not know what to expect now. Did anyone find out what we can expect now after the interview?