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    I'm looking to relocate to the Charlotte area. Any information about working for CMC or Presbyterian Hospitals would be helpful....but specifically I am wondering:

    --What is the RN base pay for a new grad?
    --What is the RN base pay for 2 years Med/Surg/Orthopedic experience?
    --Are there any shift differentials for working nights or weekends?


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    Thank you soooo much All4Seasons and GHGoonette for your responses. They were very helpful!

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    Hi. Could someone please tell me the difference between working in a PACU position vs. working in Prep and Recovery? I understand prep would be before the surgery, however I am not understanding what the difference would be between PACU and Recovery.
    I am highly interested in working somewhere within the surgery setting, however I don't have experience in that area...I am finding that most hospitals want someone with experience for OR and PACU. Would working in Prep and Recovery be a better way into the surgery setting for someone with no OR or PACU experience? I appreciate any input on this topic. Thanks in advance!