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    Thanks for the advice. Just found out I didn't pass, but oh well, there is always next time. I am thinking of investing into HURST because I have heard good things about it. I think what I do need is a refresher because me sitting down, reading a book by myself is not working. I need something more to help me out. So I will look into HURST and hopefully come back on here with some good news :-) Thanks again! I am glad to know I am not the only one out there who is struggling with this!

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    Staying Alive by the Bee Gees because my critical care instructor said the beat to the song should be the same beat when we give chest compressions during CPR! Everytime I hear of someone having to do chest compressions, I start humming that song lol!

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    I was taking care of a 100 year old man at the LTC facility I work at. One day he wheeled himself up to me while I was standing at my med cart and said, "By golly you are a cute little chicken!" Then he was sitting there for a few mins. talking to me and I was crushing up some meds in a pill crusher and he told me I better be careful with that cocaine I was crushing up LOL! The things they say, makes my day!

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    This my third time attempting to take RN boards. I am feeling super discouraged because I tried the pearson trick and it went straight to cc option :-( I am not putting all my hope in that, but would be nice to hear some positive feedback. I answered 75 questions and about flipped out when it shut off. The first time I took it, I answerd all the questions, the second time it was 100 something, so this time I was not expecting it to shut off at 75. I honestly feel like I did pretty good, but if this pearson trick holds true, I must not have. Just need some advice for next time! Thanks!!