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    Also, If any of the girls still need nursing shoes and know for sure what size, these arent as terrible looking as the ones i tried on at the uniform fitting and theyre not only on sale right now, but shipping is free.
    Pepper White Women's Nursing Shoe- Nurse Mates-Tools-Workwear & Work Boots-Womens Work Boots & Shoes

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    There is a pharmaceutical math class at the south campus, but it will conflict with most daytime nursing students schedules. How many of you have registered for your nursing classes? I'm in the Allegheny day classes, and I have clinical on Tuesday morning.

    I just got my fingerprinting, CPR certification, and drug screening back. I have my physical and titers, now all I'm waiting on is my child-line check. It is truly nerve wracking that I'm still waiting on anything at this point.

    I had a form that my doctor gave me for my drug test, and blood tests for various things, and I got right in and out in an hour with quest labs without an appointment. I had my results within a few days.

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    Just got my letter! Accepted to Allegheny campus day!
    Got it a little too late to make my appointments though, so i will have to first thing tomorrow.

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    I can't standddd waiting like this! My mail still hasn't gotten here. Congrats to those who got in!

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    I applied to Allegheny as well. I have no idea how I'm going to get everything done before the program starts if I get in. This is becoming unreasonable.

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    Also, has anyone thought about switching to a hospital school if they dont get in at CCAC this time?

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    Thank you all so much, I had no idea why I hadn't even gotten a letter yet when I was told i would get one a month ago. Good luck to all of you!