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    I am a BSN in India. I will be emigrating to the US in about 4 months. I was thinking of getting my CES done while i am still here in India so that it will be easier for me to follow up with my college on sending the required documents that need to be sent to CGFNS.

    My husband is trying to submit an application to obtain a NJ license and their application form requires an SSN. Since i do not live in the US now, i do not have an SSN.....Can i leave that field blank and provide one later? the customer service folks i tried to reach out to are not timely with their responses. So i thought someone here with a similar experience could help. There is also one page in the application packet called the 'affidavit' that i will need to sign in front of a notary. What do i do with that if i an not in the US? now the obvious option would be to wait till I emigrate to the US...but then i really want to get my CES evaluation initiated when i am in India..what if they evaluate and forward the results to NJ BON and they dont have an application from me...hence my need to put in an application at NJ BON before i reach there....

    any help would be appreciated!