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  • Jul 21 '12

    The reality may be that you have to consider moving or at least commuting. If you can afford to take an unpaid internship, why is moving so out of the question? All the wishing, planning and scheming won't change the fact that you live in a saturated market. But, your overall plan is a good one. Why not quit with the recruiters and middle men and approach a practice and offer to intern with them for 90 days (9 months is way too long) and if it is a good fit, they can hire you or you can both simply move on. The hospitals themselves may never hire you, but you work with surgeons everyday....use your connections. Develop a plan on how a practice would benefit from an ACNP and sell yourself!!! The majority of jobs are not advertised. You are now an ACNP..SELL IT!!

  • Mar 18 '11

    Not too long ago, distance education programs were held with the same contempt that now many hold for the DNP degree. These were mostly nurses who could not understand any mechanism other than classroom-based education as a means of education. As with anything new, there will always be those narrow minded individuals who resist change and progress with every breath.

    Presently, however, even the most die hard knuckle-walking laggards to change and progression are now starting to understand the reality that there are other ways in which one can learn and gain competencies besides sitting on wooden seats in a classroom with someone in front of a chalk board.

    On a personal note, I think I may be one of the few individuals to complete an ASN/BSN/MSN/FNP/DNP degrees--all through online and distance education and I have never had a problem getting a gig. I presently teach for two nursing schools, have a thriving partnership practice and represent senior nursing leadership in our state defense forces. Not once, except for certain individuals on this site, has anyone questioned the validity of the training or education I received through distance.

  • Nov 4 '10

    I just want to say that I wanna be like you when I grow up. I'm currently a LPN, will hopefull finish ADN by next year and start BSN after that. Congrats on you BSN.

  • Nov 4 '10

    Based on the comments re BSN mainly being a lot of additional theoretical coursework, it seems that it's to be expected considering the people who make up the curriculum are most likely in the world of academia (vs the real world of nursing). Professors, in general, are focused on research mainly because they're required to do it (esp if they want a secure job lol) since it's one of the main ways a university drums up outside sources of money. (They usually go begging private industry to fund whatever portion the tax payer doesn't fund...and it's generally in conjunction with some sort of research project). Anyway, it seems the BSN programs would be useful for those planning to pursue a career in research or academia. It might behoove some of those who sit on curriculum committees to put less emphasis on research and more emphasis on physiology and application thereof. That would probably better serve most nurses in actual nursing practice. I imagine most going for BSNs are planning to practice in the real world; whether patient care or management. Research ability and ability to write a good research paper really doesn't serve that population too well. For the majority, it's most likely tantamount to superfilous busy work. To reiterate, the extra emphasis in a BSN program would be better spent on the actual physiology and application thereof (with maybe one or 2 management classes thrown in, but most of that is easily learned on the job). However, when you have people living in the cloistered world of academia, they tend see things from only their perspectives and, in the process, they sometimes lose sight of the "real world." Clinical practice, management, and research are 3 separate enitites. Research should be reserved primarily for those pursuing careers in research (and hence, for those on the PhD track; not those on the DNP track...and it really has no place at the bachelor degree level at all).