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  • Aug 9 '12

    Quote from vickycasrn
    I feel, personally, we are better prepared. So far, the BSN classes are a lot of things that are nice to know, but not entirely necessary to make me a better nurse - experience and watching older nurses who are good examples will make me the nurse I'd like to someday be.
    Explain to me how more education (4 years vs 2) does NOT make you a better nurse?? How, exactly is an ADN better prepared than a BSN? That is nonsense. And guess who else thinks so?? Magnet and most other hospitals, pharma and research companies, universities, etc. If you are fine with an ADN that's great, but don't try to belittle those whose took the incentive for a more well-rounded education. Or in my case, a MSN.

  • Aug 9 '12

    The Seton network (affiliated with ascension) is requiring all ADNs to sign an agreement to enter school for their BSN completion. Seton's goal is all BSN by 2018. Any RN hired without a BSN must be vetted by the DON during the interview. It is on the way in austin texas.

  • Aug 7 '12

    I was rejected 3 times before finally being accepted. While I was being rejected I keep my head up and kept taking classes, my presistance paid off. My school had 59 students apply and 20 were accepted (Class of 2014) . My school serves a small area so the classes are small, they only accept and graduate once a year. But don't let one rejection get you down just keep going for your goal. Good luck, and best wishes.