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    Are you using the TEAS study guide that the test admin. company publishes? I used it and it was very representative of what was on the actual test.

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    I realize that I am putting the cart before the horse here and I certaintly do not mean to cause panic but I would like to know if anyone else is concerned about getting hired once graduated? I have been reading and it seems like getting hired as a new grad can be difficult. Has anyone else heard something similar? I live in metro Atlanta and am planning on starting an ADN program in the fall of 2011 (if I get in).

    Thanks a bunch for your input!

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    I am thinking about starting nursing school in fall 2011 (assuming I get in). I wanted to know how difficult it is for a new grad to get a job particularly in the metro Atlanta area. I plan on earning an ADN degree so any insight from recent ADN grads in the metro Atlanta area would be much appreciated!


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    When I look at the NGCSU ADN requirement page, there is no mention of pre-recs (only that we take the TEAS). According to the program of study page, we are supposed to take A & P during our first year and Micro during our 2nd year. So I believe that having incomplete science courses will not have a negative impact on your application. I took A & P MANY years ago and was not anticipating retaking it until I was accepted, I have BS in Microbiology so I am not planning on taking micro again until I know I am accepted.

    Have you submitted a completed app to NGCSU? If so, have you heard from them. I submitted a completed app in Sept and have not heard a word. It is making me nervous!