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    Thank you very much for your kind words. My father's car is still with us. Upto now since we could not afford a car for me I did not ask for one. But since we have a car I will learn to drive before I graduate from high school (next may). I would like to continue living with my mother to be of moral support since she is totally devastated.

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    Last week my father died in his sleep and my mother is uneducated and cannot guide me. I need a bit of guidance on applying to a nursing school. Can someone kindly guide me. Thanks. I am a 17 year old girl going to high school in Michigan (Livonia and want to become a nurse. I searched the internet and it is very confusing how to proceed. My GPA is 3.25 and ACT is 21. My mother cannot afford to send me to school but I badly want to be a nurse. Which would be the easiest school (s) for me to get into. Is student mean based aid easy to obtain..