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    I never loved or really liked hospital nursing a lot either. I hated to be so busy and often behind that I couldn't sit and talk to a frightened or troubled patient. I did my time in medical though and loved doing charge. I really found my love in home health though-one on one, lots of education involved, time to really get to know my patients, their families, their needs. I came to understand why a lot of folks were frequent fliers when I saw their home situations. Its not for everyone but I loved it and when my kids grew up I did HHC as a travel nurse for awhile and got to see the country too. Just a thought...

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    Thanks for all the feedback! Going for my physical and going to just say NO! I am trying so hard to get my life back- going to meetings, walking the walk- I'm just afraid a yes will prevent a clinical site from accepting me and giving me a chance. I love being a nurse and I just want a chance to do it again!

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    I am entering a nsg refresher course. I have to have a physical which asks if i have a hx of drug abuse. I'm worried if I say yes that I won't be placed in a clinical rotation since this goes to potential clinical sites. On the other hand, I don't want to lie. Any advice? I am really stressing over this!

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    While working out of state in 2007 I was arrested for possession of narcotics-not work related. I was working on a temp license and that state just chose not to renew me. During this time my home state license expired. Rather than answer the "have u been arrested?" question I let it lapse. I decided to just deal with my recovery for awhile. 5 years later and I am ready to try to get my license back. I've since reported my substance abuse to my home state, reapplied and the BON told me to enroll in a reentry program. Does anyone know how this works? Will a reentry program accept me and if so will a hospital allow me to do my clinical under these circumstances- and how do I bring it up with the reentry program? I miss nursing so much and I really want to get my life back on track but I am really intimidated by the process. Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated! I live in Georgia. Thanks!!

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    Thank you so much for your reply!! I know in my heart and addict is an addict and we all struggle with our own demons- I just never dreamed I would turn to heroin. Before I became addicted to heroin I thought that was one drug i would never do! When I first went to tx the program director asked what my drug of choice was, shook his head and said, "We have a harder time helping you heroin addicts stay clean than any of the rest". I am determined to keep it together. Right now I am staying with my mother and the nearest meeting is 34 miles away but today i went, got lost, missed the meeting- but at least I made it for the meeting after the meeting and met some people down here in recovery. This is a farming community- very poor and no jobs but i have committed to staying here until i get all my reinstatement paperwork done and amazingly i got a job working in a peanut/pecan mill. Hard physical work, lousy pay but i am ecstatic that i wont be bumming off my family just to put gas in the car! I am learning to be grateful for little things instead of doing the poor me thing. Anyway, I am rambling but to be honest i have no one to talk to here! Your reply helped my frame of mind and confidence because i tend to beat myself up and my self esteem kinda sucks but i know if i keep with the program it will all get better.

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    I was an RN for 20 plus years- never a problem, never diverted drugs, etc. Started taking pain meds after severe horseback riding injury. Going thru bad divorce- had issues. Long story short, I started going to NA (which I am still a firm believer in) and hooked up with someone that I relapsed with and became addicted to heroin. I did the geographic change working as a traveler. Got busted on a Sat nite with heroin and cocaine in my car- not all mine but that doesnt matter, it was my car. I abandoned pursuit of my perm Ca license, sunk into the depths of hell for awhile until I was sick and tired enough. Went to detox, OP program and did a year plus in sober living. Meanwhile my Ga lic expired. I am now trying to reinstate my license. Crazy, but when i went voluntarily to advocacy group in Ca some of the nurses who were addicted to pills or who had diverted drugs treated me like i was "a worse addict" because my addiction was streeet drugs. Should i just claim opiate addiction when i am with nurse addicts. I can tell the truth in NA without being outcast- are all advocacy groups like that. Am I the only nurse heroin addict out there? I just want to keep staying sober. Any advice?