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    Quote from smo2886
    i just wanna share my story:

    i was a trainee for a well-known government hospital in the Philippines. The training has a fee. Anyway, to cut the story short, i heard one of the head nurse in one ward since she lacks staff in her ward, she was asking additional employees for her ward. I just like to tell you that staff nurses here also do their job unlike in those stories that i have read. one of the nursing administrators told her to count the staff nurses and the "trainees" as the workforce of that ward. so it just shows that if not for the trainees, they will need employees for that ward. Tsk tsk... actually there's no oversupply of nurses. The hospitals are understaff, overworked and underpaid. why not hire us nurses to ensure good quality health service is given to the people in need? *sigh*
    Yeah! the supply obviously exceeds the demand but for hospitals the case was still the same, it's not the nurse's fault it's the hospitals' fault...

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    I'm really clueless right now but I'm trying to surf the net for answers there's so much to read regarding the info, I'm in the Philippines by the way

    Never thought somebody would answer the question above, thank you very much

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    I recently graduated this year and passed the country's nursing licensure exam, got my license but have no job....

    Our petition is coming soon (maybe in 5 months time or sooner) and
    I was thinking that maybe taking the NCLEX in the US when I get there rather than taking the exam now and then go there is possible.... sorry for some wrong grammars

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    push ups, curls and squats help a lot... a lot of running too...