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    Quote from klone
    It's been established many years ago that I rely on "likes" as validation of my worth as a valued member of the community. As such, whenever I get a "like" notification, I go to my dashboard to see who liked what post (yeah, I told you that I have self-esteem issues).

    A curious thing I've noticed is that some members will just go through and "like" every post that's on a thread they're reading. I wonder why. Are they just so enthusiastic about the subject matter that they're just all "Hell YEAH!!" to every post?

    Alternatively, I will sometimes notice that a particular member will have "liked" several of my posts in several different threads on different boards within a short period of time, and I'll think, "Is Davey Do (or you know, whoever) stalking me?"

    So what are you patterns and criteria for "liking" someone else's posts?

    I "Like" a post if I agree with the content of it or if it's a post from a member I really respect. I don't like people who stalk creeps me out. That's just me.

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    Find another job; they may not get you for this, but they will find something else.

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    It was worth for the discounts on CE and in particular if you are interested in obtaining OCN certification.

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    Why not just ask her directly? ("Hey, Ms. Supervisor, we were wondering if we're still in compliance with HIPAA when we share pt information using the pt's first initial, last name, and PHI. Would you please clarify?)

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    Post your question in the School Nurses forum. They may have some good ideas.

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    Why is she your best friend?

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    I have ovarian cancer which has recurred again (3rd time). When you or someone in your family has cancer, you find out pretty fast who your real friends are. I'm sorry some of your friends are turning out to be something of jerks. The good thing is that you will find friends in the most unlikely individuals.

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    Quote from Been there,done that
    You asked for it, you got it. You also failed. Nobody should miss a MAP. Your preceptor knows you are not ready for 2 patients. How can you feel "bored", when you have so much to learn?

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    I would have taken it as a compliment that he thought enough of your knowledge and experience to ask you. But hey, if you'd rather see it as a sign of his ineptitude, then have at it.

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    Quote from Sour Lemon
    As a new graduate RN, I had a CNA scowl at me and question why I put a patient's diaper on backwards. Maybe it was a moment for her to shine and me to fade into the darkness, I don't know.
    OMG! You put a patient's brief on backwards? Back! Back! Back to nursing school where you belong!

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    Quote from Workitinurfava
    I don't know if it is because I am working on my medical degree (I am fortunate enough to work PRN and on the weekend when it is less busy, however it wasn't always this way), but I joke around with staff sometimes and don't concern myself if I am not included in all conversations. I won't force something. As long as you can get along with people to get your job done, that is all that matters. You can't make people include you. This stuff goes on everywhere. Stay cause you like the place or would you rather hate the place and feel wonderful about the staff? Pick and choose your battles. I don't have major issues with staff but I love taking care of my patients. They are why I come back. Validate yourself and keep it moving. Some people like it when you try to constantly win them over. They purposely keep denying you and laughing that you keep trying. Just be pleasant, do your job and go home. Keep in mind that what looks to be a tightly knit group isn't always.
    Ugh...I worked with some people like this. When it finally dawned on me what they were doing, it was like I was able to take con troll of the situation. It wasn't 't fun anymore for them; I wasn't the bug they could torture with the magnifying glass.

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    Quote from kaylee.
    Another introvert here who relates to this thead and appreciates reading similar experiences as well as great advice.

    Ive always felt well liked by my coworkers, we all relate and joke at work, However i am not a social butterfly.

    So a few months ago i overheard one of the rns inviting our CN out for drinks for anothers' bday....i tried to shake it off until the shift ended...when a different nurse text me (she was off that day) saying they were going out and if i wanted to come (only bc i had text her about carpooling to a class).

    She was thoughtful to extend the invite at the last sec, but this just made it clear that i was not invited that day or prior. maybe it was an oversight...who knows...

    This really hurt my feelings, this sort of thing has happened to me as a shy kid...

    but at work my skin has become a little thicker since the event...and now i can see the clique behavior for what it is...
    Well, you were still invited...

    I'm an introvert too, but I would have still been happy to be invited, even if it was late in the day. Sometimes you have to take opportunities as they come, not as you wish they would come.

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    Yeah, the person who may be hiring you is totally going to say, "We can't hire her, she's worn the same suit to this interview as she did the first!"

    Same suit, different top and accessories. No one will notice; if they do notice, they won't care. They're hiring you, not your suit.

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    Be prepared to answer questions like "Why do you want to work in oncology/What interests you about working in oncology?"

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    Quote from rkitty198
    I would step away after I encourage others to contact the compliance hotline/or ethics hotline. We have one through Human Resources. It's ran by a third party and it can be anonymous as when you put the complaint in there is no name required.
    However, if the complaints are not documented such as days, times, what was exactly said and the circumstance then nothing can be done. It's hard when the "bully" does it in a covert way. Such as one of our doctors. It's not what he says, but how he says it. His tone, how he stands and looks at you.
    I called a rapid response on one of his patients and he asked me if I thought that the patient should be transferred, then he transferred them, stating "this nurse doesn't think she can take care of my patient properly." Which was true, on our floor, but not in the way he said it. Then I told him that I just got back from bereavement leave from the death of my dad and his tone was not needed. He said "well if you are feeling too sensitive maybe you came back too soon."
    I finally had enough of his crap and started documenting as did other nurses. He is finally a little nicer now.
    But I still work there, you don't. So there isn't really anything you can do even if you wanted to, other than give your old co-workers advice.
    The only thing you could even do is call said manager and tell her how you feel, but let me caution you, the world is a small place! These people seem to pop up in different positions during your career. My old manager who was a "good riddance" manager popped back up as a manager on another unit in a hospital I started working for.
    That reminds me of a situation I had with a doctor who was nasty with nurses, verbally abusive, etc. I finally got sick of it and wrote him up, used direct quotes. Someone in admin. must have talked to him about it, because he came up to me a few weeks later and said "You didn't need to write me up...If you had a problem you should have come and talked to me, wah, wah, wah." Yeah, right. Like I was going to go seek him out for a heart to heart after he'd just ripped me apart.