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    I see everybody says Saunders (no CD-ROM, right?) and Kaplan in most threads. But I'm specifically looking for 1) Mac compatibility and 2) the most questions. What would you recommend for me?

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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    Which emphasizes the point... it is not the employees that he cares about, it's the potential savings.

    It's always about the money... and the return for the shareholders... and the executive salaries and bonuses and stock options...
    However ignoble his motivation may be, he at least deserves credit for doing the right thing. A lot of other CEO's can't see far enough beyond week-to-week profits and losses to properly invest in the safety of their staff and clients.

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    Quote from ~Mi Vida Loca~
    The funny thing about the internet is you can't always tell tone. I never once got from the OP that the poster needed to relax or chill out. It can be seen as a "put down" to tell someone to chill out or relax when they aren't worked up at all.
    You're right- tone wasn't the right word. But the content of the OP (profuse questions) seemed to convey undue panic to at least a few subsequent posters. The advice to relax didn't seem out of place or offensive to some of us.

    Speculating about how someone else's words can be "seen" as a putdown would seem to be a pretty similar process to interpreting the "tone" of text without any accompanying nonverbal cues. Pot, meet kettle.

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    Your approach sounds balanced. So far in my ADN training, nutrition and exercise seem to be getting glossed over in favor of meds. Alternative therapies and wholistic approaches get mentioned in passing, then every possible drug or surgical intervention gets dwelled on. Good luck with your goals.

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    Quote from April, RN
    Just FYI, some of you are replying to posts that are 9 years old.
    Stuff happens. The world won't end. Besides: once the first person bumps it, it kind of becomes new again.

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    No way, no how. Not on a train, not in the rain. Not in a box, not with a fox. Not on a boat, not with a goat.

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    Quote from prime11214
    When I read your title I was thinking teacher's pet not actual pets lol. Anyways, I have no pets. I used to have fishes but it died with many others.... (unfortunately the truth is all my fishes died).
    When I see this thread title, I keep getting images of a cat being breast fed or a dog with a stethoscope and penlight. Count me as one more who values the companionship and stress relief that my dog provides me.

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    Right now, I'd prefer to watch- unless I'm in a situation where I was the only person there who could save someone. At least one of my instructors has said to use the method you're trained in, and I wouldn't want to have to stop giving compressions to give breaths.

    After I renew my CPR in the next few months, and get certified with the new compression-only technique, I'll probably be eager to try it for real.

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    I can see both sides of this one. It's cultural and traditional, but you're cutting nerve endings in a place where the kid will want them later in life.

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    Quote from prime11214
    You don't have to put others down just because you never had the opportunity to save somebody's life....
    I didn't see any put downs. The advice to relax was relevant to the tone of your OP. And it also apparently still is, given the tone of the above words.

    You'll probably watch a video and be given a booklet. You might feel for pulses on real people, but that's about it. You'll demonstrate 1 and 2 person rescue scenarios (that you've just been taught) on dummies. Then you'll take a short multiple choice quiz. That's it.

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    I'm reminded of a video I saw once. The CEO of a chain of LTC's said he spent $60K to buy lift equipment, and it saved him $2 million a year in workman's comp and lawsuits.

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    You don't have an NDX book? There are several "risk for" NDX's- including at least 2 specifically nutrition-related ones. Your program is probably just discouraging you from using "risk for" NDX's to keep you more focused on the short term. An MDX or condition is NOT an NDX.

    The general format for an NDX goes like this:

    1. (NDX)

    2a. related to (etiology or cause)


    2b. secondary to (MDX)

    3. as evidenced by (prominent sign or symptom).

    Note: "Risk for" NDX's don't have the as evidenced by.

    You put it together like this:

    NDX r/t etiology aeb sign or symptom.

    Hope this helps.

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    I can't believe this thread is still alive. I can't add any new thoughts by this point, but I can summarize the two main thoughts succinctly:

    1. The word nurse is evolving so that it is becoming gender neutral. It's almost there already for most people.

    2. If you're not proud to be called a nurse, it's your problem.

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    Quote from microtutor
    Marion Diamond's lectures do rock, tho I often wonder how she survived around all that chalk dust! LOL

    I got a list of books to check out, not sure how useful the list is? But maybe some veteran nurses and/or nursing students could comment on it??? I am starting in September as well.

    Clinical Calculations
    Drug Handbook 2011
    Med/Surg Reviews and Rationale
    Nursing Diagnosis Handbook
    Saunders NCLEX
    Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
    Rapid Interpretation of EKGs
    Pharmacology and the Nursing Process

    Thank you!!! :heartbeat
    Those lectures got me through A&P I, when I had a professor whose lectures were unlistenable. I had a great professor for A&P II, so the Cal lectures were just gravy then... Dr. Diamond is so thorough giving it to you old school style, she got a lot of concepts into my skull that might not have gotten into there otherwise.

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    As someone already suggested, sign up for more books on evolve.

    Also, you can often find questions by searching "(name of topic) nclex questions" or "(name of topic) practice quiz".