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    My dad's gastroenterologist's name is Dr. Bogus

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    Quote from whichone'spink
    Dr. Hor
    Dr. Hooker
    We have a Nurse Hooker

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    I have mixed feeling. I believe in your right to privacy, but I've also seen what happens when Narcolepsy is not revealed to an employer.

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    don't worry about ending her career. she made her decisions and she needs help. you may have saved her life by reporting her and you definitely protected her patients.

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    I'm 35, have been repeatedly told I look about 16 and I still get carded everywhere. They always look my ID up and down like its fake. In my 12.5 years in the NICU, I've been asked many times by parents if I'm old enough to be a nurse. I always assure them that I am which seem to help. I have found that what helps the most is performing my job in a mature, professional manor.

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    Thanks again for all the suggestions. I have applied for a transfer center job. Now, I'm just praying the director will consider a nurse with only NICU experience.

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    i took care of a premature baby whose father died just before she was born. this baby girl was always looking up and to the left side of the room when i cared for her. odd since 24 wk premature babies can't focus their eyes. her mom liked to think it was the dad looking after his baby girl. i took a picture of the baby girl and her mom one day and there was an orb in the picture and the baby girl was looking right at it.

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    I am also struggling right now. I am looking for a job and struggling to afford medications and my bills. I am also feeling very spiritually challenged. I hope you can see that you are not alone.

    'We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance.' ~ Romans 5:3, NLT

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    forget the grinch’s. if your work's dress code allows, wear the holiday scrubs.

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    maybe this is a question you could ask.

    are there any stress coping strategies you wish your employer would offer classes on? yes no
    if yes, which ones and why?

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    If you decide to go the NP route, you might want to think about Pediatric NP and not Neonatal NP. Working in the NICU you obviously like kids, but with a NNP you are almost certainly going to be stuck in the hospital. With a PNP, you should be able to get a job in a doctor's office M-F.

    If you decide to get your PNP, you should look at finding a job in peds while you are in school. I know several NICU nurses who have gotten their PNP and had a difficult time finding jobs after graduation because of their lack of peds experience.

    Good Luck to you!

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    Thanks! You guys have mentioned a few things I have not thought of.

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    coolpeach - it was the tdap vaccine that messed up my arm 2.5 years ago. the consensus of several experts in their respective fields is that i have an atypical complex regional pain syndrome. i've seen at least 2 generalists, 3 neurologists, 1 infectious disease doctor, 2 pain management doctors, a psychologist, 4 ot's, 2 pt's, and a chiropractor. i have even tried biofeedback and spoken with a reiki practitioner.

    my little duty at work has run out and i'm filling an interim position, but i need to look at other alternatives incase i don't get this job.

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    due to vaccine reaction i have lost a significant amount of function in my dominate arm and hand. bedside nursing is no longer a feasible option for me. i am devastated. when i lucked into nicu nursing 12.5 years ago i found my home and it is truly where i belong. my problem now is that i am over specialized. every job i apply for can't see past the fact that i only have nicu experience to see that i can do anything with a minimal amount of training. i do have my bsn which is at least getting me into interviews.

    so if you could not do bedside care, what other nursing job would interest you? (maybe you guys can think of a few things i have not.)

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    I love our Cuddlers. They are a great part of our team.