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    That seems entirely reasonable! Thank you very much!

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    Dear Rock-Chalk,
    I am not a nurse, but rather a family member/caretaker of someone who just started receiving hospice services at home. Today, a pharmacy delivery truck pulled up to the house, and they delivered a small box that's sealed shut and labeled "for use by hospice nurse or physcian only". It is also labeled "not child-proof." They told us to refridgerate it, and, when we asked the hospice nurse about it today, she replied that it's not for us (the family) to use but rather just for the nurse in an emergency. She offered no further explanation. From reading several web sites, I assume it is either a comfort pack or a cardiac pac, and I now know the contents of both.

    Quite frankly, I can offer a family member's perspective by saying that I don't like having something in our fridge without knowing what it is or how it's to be used, and I worry about potential liability because we pay for three other caregivers during the day who are in and out of the house, including one who lives close and has young children. And, per your astute question, I don't know what the heck we'd do with it if my dad were to pass. We had no further instructions other than basically not to touch it!

    Primarily because of the poor communication, I'm on the verge of calling hospice and telling them to take us off the list and get their stuff out of our fridge!

    Your sister Jayhawk (but displaced to a land with less coordinated health care),