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    He didn't lie at the time of application. Once he has definitive diagnostic and prognosis answers he can then notify the BoN (and if he needs testing accommodations contact NCSBN)

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    Quote from RobFromNJ
    Has it been difficult finding employment in New York? Isn't the Tristate area the best for new grad lpns?
    No. It's a flooded market for new grads because everyone thinks that!

    NY/NJ metro is desperate for experienced nurses especially specialized experienced nurses

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    Agency is for experienced nurses. They are staffing needs at facilities who are expecting experienced nurses. This is not a head hunter who is working on the applicsny's behalf. As s new grad you need extensive training & orientation. Not an agency job that you walk in take report and go.

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    You practice and use the targeted study guide created by ATI to remediate your deficits

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    Quote from katfish67lpn
    That is not true. CNA's do work under the license of the nurse in charge. Just as we work under our supervisors licenses.
    Absolutely positively false. You work under your own license. Period. The only way you or your supervisors license is in jeopardy is if they inappropriately delegate a task out of the practice scope

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    Quote from 1soon2brn
    Hi, did you ever complete the program/course with ATP and become a RN. I'm thinking of signing up, but not sure. Are these classes accredited to transfer?
    The classes are not credit courses they are test prep classes to take the 'challenge' exams at Excelsior College and reportedly possibly ISU. The credits earned if you pass the exam would be granted by Excelsior and may be accepted by another school but academic advisors at Excelsior College would be better to give you an accurate answer.
    The test prep company clearly states that '** Achieve Test Prep is a college education consultant and test preparation center that helps you earn your degree faster. Achieve Test Prep is not a college and does not issue degrees or give college credit. The programs listed above and elsewhere on this website are test preparation programs offered by Achieve Test Prep to prepare you to take exams from an independent accredited college or an independent testing center. Achieve purposefully remains independent and does not align itself with any college nor do we commit to any agreements with any college. By being truly independent, we offer a non-biased approach to recommending the best possible college route to our students. While Achieve Test Prep is an expert on the policies and procedures of many colleges, the final decisions about credits and degrees rest with the colleges. You must independently apply for and be accepted into a college.' right on their website

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    Quote from Double-Helix
    But how did this thread progress two years ago without someone pointing out to the OP that "parenteral nutrition" is given intravenously?
    I thought the same but my letter P isn't working nice. Enteral is GT JT NGT NDT NJT GJT

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    Call the school and ask?

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    Quote from CrazyDancingRn
    We've had many patients in the last year have tube feed aspiration because their HOB was <30 degrees. The problem is is that many of our patient care techs and even some nurses forget to raise the HOB >30 (and for those patients who slump >45). Constant reinforcement for the families is also required


    How can you be sure that is why they aspirated? Could it be the families slipping them drinks and food they aren't capable of swallowing properly or aspirating on the saliva they also can't swallow? Maybe you are assuming it is the tube feed because they were always taught that is what it must be when in fact it isn't really possible when the patient is tolerating the feeds? Something to think about. I have a gut feeling it isn't necessary to keep at 30 or more all the time. too busy to look into it right now. in the meanwhile I will keep at 30. we switch to bolus feedings when it becomes a problem and I think the little extra work is worth it sometimes.

    good luck with your paper. I would love to read it
    Considering the original oster poster hasn't been back since November 2016 I would hope the paper has been completed and graded by now. But good info

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    Quote from LovingLife123
    Why is your license on the line? CNAs do not work under your license. Nobody works under your license but you.
    Exactly. Unless you delegated a task to a CNA who is actively sleeping...

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    Apply once you take the nclex unless a new grad program. Most employers won't accept an application without a skid license.

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    Quote from ICUnewgrad
    I would appeal it. They shouldn't change the grading scale halfway through the semester. And trying to make you retake all the classes or finals is a bit ridiculous. I've never understood why everyone on these forums sides against the students and with instructors. I think a lot the RNs on here wait for a student to post about a failing and make their way over here to post that they should've worked harder and are more than happy to talk down on someone given the chance. Most instructors I've met make tons of mistakes and are borderline incompetent in the clinical setting. Fight it and let us know how it goes. Good luck!
    This post is two years old. It's likely over and done with; especially since the OP hasn't been back since May 13, 2016

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    If you already have a Bachelors you will be ineligible for Pell grant. Same if you have too many attempt/completed undergrad credits. Your loan options will be limited also regardless of what you used for your previous education. Private loans are rarely a good choice plus no graduated payments,no deferments, no subsidized interest, no consolidation. Think hard. .

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    You're wrong. Positive drug tests for pilots, drivers of buses, trains, trucks all reportable. Do you think a physician positive for cocaine or opiates is not reportable? It's not a criminal report (unless diversion or dustribution is suspected) but a public safety issue

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    HIPAA does not apply as medical insurance is not involved.
    Healthcare facilities are mandated reporters to the BoN as matter of public safety.