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    Quote from Leigh RN
    Have any CRNAs heard anything?
    No, I haven't.

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    Quote from RN4EVERYONE
    Are the majority of RNs and other APRN (not NPs) responding on here from CSFs or DSHs??? Because 30% is equally split between the 2 types of facilities. That may be why some with a larger D/I ratio or higher tier does not get awards when others with lower D/I ratios are getting awards.
    I'm a CRNA at a CSF (I think). Honestly CSF vs. DSH has always confused me. How is it determined? Nonetheless, I haven't heard anything. Just a credit check on June 5th.

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    Nothing here yet...CRNA, credit check June 5th.

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    Quote from josebajo
    Hi everyone, I received the award last year my DTI was 220% Tier 1 facility. I got notified late July with the offer. I'm hoping my wife gets the award this year. Her DTI is higher than mine was last year so we'll see. Good luck to everyone.
    Can you speak to how the state/federal taxes work for the reward? I've heard that since the money is taxed, it's not really 85% loan repayment. I'd be happy with whatever, but just wanted to know how you handled the tax burden.

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    Hello everyone! Just checking in to say that I JUST saw an inquiry on my credit report from CREDCO--June 5, 2017! Not sure why it wasn't showing before today??!? Anyway, I am beyond excited! CRNA, Tier I, Score 19!!!

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    Hi. The program is a post-master's DNP, 2 years to complete. Also considered doing a post-master's FNP/DNP combo.

    Quote from camping_RN
    Spoiled, how long is the program and what is the specialty?

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    I am interested in this as well--but I already have an APRN, but looking to just add DNP. Thoughts?

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    Quote from Jesstressrn
    Yes! It was under hard inquiry. It had a little red triangle to alert me that there was a change. I even called credco yesterday just to make that it was indeed them. They told me with was HRSA!
    Ok, thanks. My CK is due to update in a day or two. I hope there is an inquiry on my report.

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    Quote from Jesstressrn
    It was on credit karma. I'm nursing faculty- but my DTI is greater than 175%
    Where did it show up on Credit Karma? Was it a hard inquiry?

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    No credit check here either. The wait continues.

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    I am following my Credit Karma too, and nothing yet. The wait continues...

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    My understanding is, that is a good sign. Don't stress.

    Quote from babyz
    I called credco. They said they dont know about it.
    Credit repair maintains that there is a hard knock.
    My mortgage said they did not do it
    Its difficult to know

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    Quote from emmiecb
    Well that was fast - mine already says "under review". Anyone else? After 3 attempts I am just SOOOO hopeful ���������������� �������
    Mine is under review as well. Is that a good sign? LOL, this is my first time applying!

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    If your facility has a high Mental Health score does that make it a CSF? Curious to know. Thanks!

    Quote from RN4KU
    RN Tier 1 HPSA for MH 17 D/I 160% ish. I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs. 2nd time applying. I was able to automatically transfer my loans this year last year i had to manually enter them, and I could have messed up.
    So I assume RN's only get 30% of the money. Based on this below not much chance for me, so I am just going to not dwell on it and wait until summer time. I don't know if I am DSH or CSF. I am obviously a CSF as I have a MH score, but i don't know if that means that only 15% of the money is allocated for me, or if I am also a CSF and DSH, crazy to me.
    Funding for the FY 2017 NURSE Corps LRP will be allocated as follows: Up to 50 percent will be made available for NPs.
     Up to 20 percent will be made available for nurse faculty.
    Among the remaining 30 percent of NURSE Corps LRP funding:

    •  Up to 15 percent will be made available for Base applicants (RNs and APRNs, excluding NPs)
      working at DSHs or public hospitals.
    •  Up to 15 percent will be made available for Base applicants (RNs and APRNs, excluding NPs)
      working at all other types of CSFs.

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    Thanks so much! Still waiting to hear.