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  • Sep 10 '17

    Hi everyone! I just submitted my application, but had a few questions. I am tier 1 with a DI of 146%. Anybody know of others with a similar DI have been awarded in the past?

    Also, did anyone include any additional supporting documents--such as RN and APRN license?


  • Jul 27 '17

    Quote from CandyGyrl
    Thanks you guys... I truly believed in my heart that there was no merit to this absurdity, but I just thought I'd toss it out there for just a little feedback--this eases my mind a lot.

    In case you didn't know there is a new website Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia specifically for minorities who are interested in nurse anesthesia. Please check it out. The lady who is behind all of this is WONDERFUL. I don't know her personally, but have spoken with her on the phone. You will like her too. Just wanted to post this because I am a black female hoping to study anesthesia one day. If you mention race here it seems to strike a nerve with some, even if there is no harm meant behind it. Good luck!

  • Jun 29 '17

    Hello everyone! Just checking in to say that I JUST saw an inquiry on my credit report from CREDCO--June 5, 2017! Not sure why it wasn't showing before today??!? Anyway, I am beyond excited! CRNA, Tier I, Score 19!!!

  • Jun 27 '17

    Did everyone or is everyone submitting an optional video essay?