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  • Feb 1


    Are there any APRN or RNs who work in alternative roles rather than the typical clinic or hospital, such as with pharmaceutical companies? How does one make that role transition and network connection? If you do know someone who works in this role, what does their job entail and what sort of experience do they look for? Thanks!

  • Sep 9 '17

    Can anyone provide me with any feedback/opinions about CSUF MSN program (CNM/WHNP)? I have had a hard time finding old threads on this topic and I would like to get a feel for what the program is like (classes, clinical rotation quality, job prospects and networking, where they usually put you for rotations, and the competitiveness for the program)? Is Labor and Delivery experience (RN) required for considered? What does the typical applicant look like? Etc...Thx!