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    I just started the program and have had my lpn for two years. I took two of the four exams and felt like I was sitting for boards...again. They were VERY difficult! Maybe it was because I haven't had any experience with and haven't touched peds or maternity in over two years. I asked if I could jut take the classes but I was told their program requires a passing challenge exam. The worst part is...other than the cost of the that if you fail them you have to pay again (expected) AND by the college network CSMs that cost 630.00 EACH. I failed the one by two questions...grrrrrr. One of the questions wouldn't open the picture needed which was a monitor strip pertaining to the question. Not their fault but still counted against me. I wish someone had the material and a packing slip I could get so I wouldn't have to pay full price for them.

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    Quote from Blackcat99
    I just got a bunch of paperwork about meds at my LTC. According to the policy, I am required to check for all allergies each and every time before administering meds. I am also required to check for expiration dates on each med before administering meds. So how many of you are checking for allergies each and every time you give a med? How many of you are checking for expiration dates each and every time you give a med? I have 30 patients. I certainly do not have time to do it period.
    I have 24-32 residents depending on the unit I am on and always check expiration dates. We get our meds in blister packs so it's easier. As for doing everything taught in clinical....ya right. Staying in compliance is hard enough blazing through the med pass...add everything else and we just hope the state doesn't pop in for a surprise check.

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    as per the pennsylvania bon:
    lpn (practical nurse)
    licenses for practical nurses expire on june 30 of the even-numbered years. the renewal fee is $60.
    at this time there is no requirement to verify a number of practice hours or continuing education hours to renew the license.
    rn (registered nurse)
    renewal fee for rn license is $65. please check the special notice for requirements regarding continuing education for registered nurses.

    i just took my nclex yesterday afternoon and found out this morning i have an active pn license but it's active as of today and renewal is 06/30/ less than a year till it's due to renew. grrr

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    I was just accepted to nursing school but it makes me very nervous reading that it's so difficult to get a job. Here in the Harrisburg, pa area there are soooooo many RN openings right now at the two local hospitals...just hope they are still there when I am done.
    Best of luck to everyone!

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    I just took the test for the first time yesterday and did fantastic on the real thing! The practice tests in the ATI study guide was a different story though. Read through and do the practice problems in the book but don't panic if you don't do very well on the practice test(s).
    The science was VERY difficult but the stuff in the study guide is good to read up on. My version of the test had one equation to balance and alot on cells and biology questions. The math, english and reading was a breeze!
    Good luck to everyone who still needs to take it!