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    Quote from student4lyf
    I attended PJC and the director told me that you have to pass 75% of the RN program before you can sit for LPN. You have to pass fundamentals, med-surg, cardiac, resp, and ob/peds before you can sit for them. I even checked with the state to see if it could be done having not passed on of the classes, and they said that the school would have to fill out some paper for me to sit. I passed everything and failed cardiac by 1 point, retook it the very next term and failed it again by 2 points. I begged the school to let me sit for my lpn but they wouldn't let me. One lousy point man... 1 1/2 years in school and nothing. but luckily I did find another college, 50 miles away, that will be willing to test me into their program and I can have my RN in 2 terms and sit for my LPN in 1 term. So... I am going to sit for LPN after that first term anyways. Hope that helps!

    I have 2 years of Pre-Med. My career took a different turn and it's been a while since I've been in school and I wonder if I can sit for the LPN anyway? Anyone have any ideas on where I can go, how to get started on this? Relocating throughout Florida is not a problem for me.