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    THANKYOU SOOO SOOO MUCH! it does help. This nursing website needs to learn The REAL turth about what the schools are REALLY like. It isnt all sugar canes and free bees. Thanks for your honesty. The financial aid for this school is where I STOPPED and said no thankyou. There complete nasty rude girls who sit on thier AIMS and talk about thier what a way to be a financial aid perosn. I swear I should have gotten that girl fired for talking to another employee while helping me out.

    NEWS FLASH ONTARIO....GET YOUR FINANCIAL AID ADVISORS IN ORDER...because after I passed my exam...The Financial aid department was the one who scared me away from YOUR school...and I have plenty of money to spend on my education....but why spend it on you?

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    I havent gone to any interviews yet. I tried emailing the lady back on here who deals with that but I got no response.

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    wow. I cant believe you do not wear gloves while drawing blood....seriously...if your a nurse I dont EVER want you coming near me. Its reasons why the nosocomial infection can occur because you transfer bacteria from patient to patient. Geez thats seriously digusting.

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    Nope I backed away. Im going to get my Bs in Health Science, then go to another school and get either my masters or my second degree BSN which wont cost me as much. Your going to pay a lot. I wont lie to ya. The fees for that college have gone up a lot. I was told ot pay 124,000. Yes. I said it. That is what they wanted me to pay and I was going to start in October. But....why would I? I can save myself all that money and use it for a house haah or pay off my other loans. Be smart. You have LOTS AND LOTS of options

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    oh and btw, when Im done with my statisics class, I would be more then willing to show you the results of those nurses that were followed after having sat thru an ed. glove wearing class. Its kind of scary that the data shows those who have not been a nurse for that long wear gloves constantly, vs those who have been working say 15 or more years. Dont get comfy, get smart and be safe!

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    whoa.....your gloves will protect you when using almost anything in the field of nursing. And yes if your going to do IVs then you all should get to the Phlebotomy labs and start figuring out how WE find the veins. Patients in the veterans hospital that I am at complain all the time that the nurses have to stick them a bunch of times in order to find a vien. Start practicing. And btw sometimes, in some cases, the gloves have saved me from sticking myself. Better to treat everyone like they have some serious illness then to touch them with bare hands and pass that on to others or even your family members.
    if your going to RIP yoru glove just to find a vien then Im sorry but you GOTTA practice. Thats how I had to learn, I never had the option of not being able to wear my gloves as a phlebotomist.
    Its all connected, and if any of ya were my nurse and couldnt get the stick or couldnt get the IV in, then your darn right I would ask to see someone else who knew what they were doing. I think all nurses should really take notice that the phlebotomy aspect can over lap the the nursing. It will definately help me when I start a nursing program some day.

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    IS COD a hard college to get into!? I will have my BS in Health Science and I have completed the TEAS with a score of 72 and I have all the classes that they ask for.
    I read on thier website powerpoint that they have a computer based list that randomly picks the students!?

    So what are my chances of getting in, and is it a good school and how long is the program!?

    I heard a year long....or am I completely mistaken? I would like to know a little but more as I live in riverside and dont have much time to drive out to Palm Springs. If anyone knows of the total cost, perhaps the class sizes, and if it is a good school to get you ADN from I would appreicate it.

    Im sure its a great school since everyone at this point wants to get into a nursing program.
    Thanks to you all if you get the time to respond!

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    which email did you send it to? the one on here....ill check right now

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    Update for me...

    Yes I did a LOT of work on my own. Ater I posted that and talked to a bunch of counselors, I went out and got the answers I needed.

    Im stayin away from West Coast. Its expensive, and honestly all the bull that everyone complains about is just thier own personal opinion. No more asking others what they think. It got me NO WHERE.

    I found out that I can get my BS in Health/Allied Science with a concentration in Public Health and a Minor in Business. That I can finish by next year Fall 2011.

    Then Ill go look into the master programs, and/or the second degree programs.
    I just appreicate how honest everyone is on this website. It lets me learn a little bit more about what to expect when I get into a nurisng program. So thanks.

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    How old are you Kenichi? And which campus are you attending. My only problem is the financial aid department.
    The girl royaly screwed me up (AT THE BEGINNING) of the process, and now I have to wait to be fin cleared for a loan.
    Just little things like that, arent worth the fact that I just may have to be SUPER DUPER on top of them. Financial aid needs to be more responsible and more worried about the students money and where and who it goes too.

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    Is the TEAS just to help them asses where you stand!? There are so many versions of the TEAS. I would hate myself if I got accepted into Concordias program, and then failed the TEAS.

    The TEAS seems to be standing in my way, and its really getting me down.

    Ive got good grades, and now Im going to complete my BS in Health Science by next year.
    I would love to get my second degree from concordia. Just wanted to see if they looked highly on that TEAS test.

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    Did any of you have to take a TEAS exam at Kaplan!?!

    Im working on my BS in Health Science.

    Can I transfer from there to Kaplan to get my masters!?!

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    Hey Western Governors University a program I can start right away, wihtout an AA or a BS?!? Im going to click on that link and check it out.
    Are they accreditted so I can go on to get my masters!??! At like Long Beach, Fullerton, CBU, Concordia!?!

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    whoa...someones comment got deleated. dang, Im glad I read that before hand that is for sure. Yay, Im going to look into another field, get my Bach. then Ill go get my masters or get a second degree at another college.

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    Does any ONE of you know if you have to take a TEAS test to get into the Concordia program for nursing!? I wanted to find a program in So Cal that didnt ask for a TEAS entrance exam.

    Also, do you gusy think I should go for my bachelors degree in something else, then go back to school at an accelerated nursing program for maybe my masters!?
    Im 23, and have a lot of classes under my belt (mostly pre reqs for nursing).
    Im nervous that I wont get started soon enough for my life to get on track!
    It kind of bumms me out. Is getting a bachelor degree a little better and then going to a masters program?