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    i messaged the city analyst (the one who knows the item) about our status that are papers are not processed despite the fact that we ranked higher than those already in sta ana. she replied that she already informed colonel (the lady head of personnel about it). but hey the colonel already know about it before. i personally told her those anomaly and wrong doings against us. but still nothing.

    she even told me that we should just wait coz there is no item yet. but all the time they told us to wait because thers no oepning or its election ban i found out that they gave items as follows. (infos are from facebook account of staff nurses who listed sta ana as their employer) partial list only.

    ive accounted that 51 nurses are already in. plus 1 in Ospital ng Tondo and 2 in Ospital ng Maynila

    out of the 51 nurses 32 of them didnt indicate what nurse position they hold.
    n1=8 n2=8 n3=8

    April 2010 they gave items to:23 people out of the 51 nurses:1 n1, 8 n2, 2 n3 and 12 unidentified May 2010= 7 items
    June= 1 item
    July= 1 item
    August= 9 item, 2 for n1 plus 7 unidentified
    September= 4 items, 1 n1, 3 unidentified
    October=3 items 2 n1 plus 1 unidentified
    November= 2 n2
    assumming that these items were given as stated by facebook users on the start of their employment in sta ana ospital ng tondo or ospital ng maynila.

    the fact is they always tell that teher are no vacancies or its election ban but as you can see there are nurses who started may 2010 (election) june(election ban) september october and november (time for local election and election). and uet they still dont hire us.

    and for those who didnt include sta ana as their employer but posted pictures that will prove that they are staff nurses there that another batch of 50 nurses. so they are around 100. but my friend told me they are more than a hundred n1 and n2 nurses there.

    what will be their excuse this time?

    this is the start??? or the week of the promoboard in binondo. my friend told me that arund 30 n1 nurses will be promoted. so it means that 30 n1 position should be available for us. but as expected people from binondo are already reserving the item for their friends or family.

    there are still 9 vacant N3 or n2 position in ospital ng tondo. same time as binondo they will fill these slots by next year.

    another friend from binondo told me that around 30 nurses who belong to sta ana will either be demoted or transferred since they are still in excess in sta ana and cannot go on duty but is receiving payroll. hmmm maybe that will fill up the vacancy or just another excuse not to hire us.

    just sharing the progress. thanks guys. hope you can share and do your part too for this forum. for us nurses

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    with the 232 friends of sta ana facebook page ive come up with a list of around 100 nurses. they included sta ana as their employer or i saw pictures of them being tagged with oother staff nurses in their respective department or during the inaguaration last april 2010.

    with that numbers 10-20 are n3 supervisor or has item in ossam ston or om for n1 or n2.

    still the remaining 70-80 nurses are employed in Sta ana as n1 or n2. and not all of the staff nurses have added sta ana on their facebook or has a facebook page. so if they are more than 70 staff nurses for n1 and n2 in sta ana already how come we arent called yet? valuim_rn is rank 50-55 remember. and im rank 70-80.

    wats shocking is i saw some june 2010 nle passer who got in in sta ana. how come he got it when the screening for application in sta ana ended last february 2010. or those who passed the november 20009? did they knew the result that they passed already come february 2010?

    most of the staff nurses was hired april 2010 but there are many too who was hired just recently. some november 2010, october august or july 2010 as they posted on their accounts. thought it was election ban, and the hiring is not yet resume.

    plus the fact that there is around 10-20 staff nurses they assigned in ossam binondo oston or om when it should have been given to ours.

    i cant serach the name on the two girls who graduated from plm but as my friend told me coz she knows the two girls. these two girls failed the qualifying exam but got an appoinment papers last august. how come.

    i knew a lot of staff nurses in sta ana. one is n2 who got a score of 50 out of 100 on the qaulifying exam as he told me. he was hired april 2010. now i got 50 too on the exam but i was ranked higher than him. i guess i nailed it on the panel interview. how come this guy was n2 while im included on n1 list only. he was just 2 weeks - 1 month early in volunteer duty at ossam compared to me but i had 3 months volunteer in other hospital compared to him.

    city personnel said that it was ossam who gave the list accordingly for n1 n2 or n3. my question is what is their basis for putting me on n1 while that guy was on n2 when in fact we just had the same exam score in the qualifying test. and im sure i ranked higher trhan him in the panel interview.

    theres is another stff nurse. shes my classmate in high scholl. shw was just a month early in volunteer duty in ossam. i know her caliber. she got an n2 item. so im pretty sure i should be included on the n2 item list.. coz were not that apart in terms of intelligensia. not to brag. but really i just want to point out there are a lot of discrepancy and anomaly happening or that happened. we need to act guys.

    in numbers there is power

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    im meticulously listing the names of the staff in sta ana now. i will update you with the infos so we can have an idea how many n1 or staff nurses are there already. my friend told me that ospital ng tondo still lacks 9 staff nurses.
    i checked a guys fb page. i found out he got in last september in oston with a nurse 3 item. he is one of those who got appointment papers last july that was dissolve. but eventually he got in. another one got in in ospital ng manila, just last month. contcat me valium rn and all those who are in rank 55-80. we should be next in line

    read in fb page of sta ana that inaguaration is tentaive december 15. but they are not sure yet

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    ive got a message from one friend i met in facebook. he got in. but didnt say where (hospital.) he said people he knew or form his batch 3 got in at binondo 2 in sta ana and 2 in OM. hopw come we arent called yet. if so there are alot of new nurses being hired since april. lets just say after may elections until october elections they got 20 or 30 new nurses and now that its decembe. how come my rank 75 isnt called yet? when they said that the top 50 was hired already?

    please add the page of sta ana in facebook. and bombard it with your messages and shout outs. gosh they are erasing my comments

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    and the irony is mayor is a supporter on pnoy our president. and i watched his speech that he doesnt want filipino to go overseas because there is lack of job oppurtunity here in the philippines or they have a hard time getting hired but want them to go abroad because thats what that person wants to do in his/her life.

    mentality is if you go abroad you are ungrateful for your country or your just plain money eyed for the dollars and stuffs. but how about for people like me who doesnt need the financial benefits or working abroad. or hate cold climates. i just want to serve here in the philippines earn a decent pay for me to hire a maid. and this is the treatment i get.

    some guys from binondoi they got hired december 2009/ i knew some people that they already absent theirselves without leave or resign coz they already got their uk visas. or just waiting for their papers and is really decided to leave the country. what a shame they did not picked those who are willing to stay, sacrifice and serve.

    and can you imagine there was an issue in binondo that some of theirs staffs went drinking in the parking lot. some outgoing and some incoming. duh. those are some of the nurses they hired instead of us. plus tha fact tha not all of them passed the exam and interview. or even the requirements of volunteer duty or length of experience for them to hold the item.

    binondo will have lots of opening for n1. they even already reserved the slot for n3 and n4 for their own people that why they delayed the hiring process last october i guess. i was just informed by some nurses in binondo. the scheme is some staff from oston (or item) but are posted in binondo (transfer/ or transfer with promotion) the item they will leave in oston is already reserved for their relatives who are now volunteering in oston.

    wow its rsvp in nurse item. not on merits of talent,skills,knowlegde, credential or achievements. i have a high school friend. he will get her siter's item. n3. thats what he told me. and therea a lot of scheming happening. even hospital directors are involved as well as people from city personnel. of course they are the ones who has a say to mayor. does mayor knows that the top applicants were never hired? instead was gioven to newbies or even faliures?

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    @ CORPUSCLES> dont fill up pds. no cahnce of getting hired. find some backers. you may try applying as clerk. they can offer you that coz all nurse position ar resrved for their realtives friends and whoever thet back up.

    this december they will open the 6th floor (im not sure if until 10th floor) and definitely will be needing new nurses. question is will they process those who are next in rank or they already reserve the items for those they back up/ like nurses who passed june 2010 licensure exam. when in fact the screening process ended up last february 2010. they also give items even if they didnt met the standards the city hall impose (volunteer training, passing the exam, panel interview).

    @BADTRIP my friend has a friend that was given an item and started working at OM two weeks ago. I just dont know if the nurse is also part of the applicants.

    they tell us that from the pool of the waiting list in sta ana once there is an availabale item in other hospital we will get the job. but ive been wwaiting since april 2010 for my item to come. and im ranked 70-80 out of the top 200. screened from the 1500 so examiners last february.

    the people from city hall said that they cant process my papers beacuse i dont have an endorsement or note from mayor lim. that even if i ranked highly enuf to get the job they give the items to those with bakcers and note. so sad

    the last time i checked. they told me they already hired the top 50 or 58 from the list in sta ana from april (opening month) until october (before election ban for local elections). but some one from facebook account told me that only ranked 4 from batch 4 got hired. i am from batch 4. he is from batch 2 and yet he doesnt have an item. maybe he didnt got a high rank. i dont know.

    the ranking was given one day before the opening. when lots of nurses are following up for their items. they said all filled up so just wait for their ranks. but in the afternoon they cancelled giving ranks for us not to compare among ourselves.

    someone here posted the he is ranked among the top 10 and yet he didnt have an item.

    a friend and batch mate of mine ranks 89. and yet she got an item coz she used a backer. and im ranked higher than her. cant balme her. we went to the head of city personnel and she ust said we shouldnt be targeting hospital work or sta ana but instead apply to jollibee,

    she didnt answer our questions how come those who failed the exam got an item and those even who didnt took the exam got an item too. while those of us who belongs to the top 100 are sitting duck.

    @ VRN JELAI: there are talks that some staff from OM will be trasferred to sta ana coz Om is due for rennovation. still need to confirm on that.

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    kermitlover:when were you interviewed? you took the qualifying exam? are you among the top 200 waiting list?

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    november 9, 2010. a friend who is ranked 80 sumting texted me. her friend got in for the nurse post. assigend in OM. Sta ana is still having problems. but still since they hired a nex\w batch for other hospital it means the election ban is over. and less people form the top list supposedly. hopw come they are not yet calling people who are in ranked 60-70-80.of course they will tell you they prioritize those who have backers or note from mayor even if they havent taken the qualifying exam. failed on the exam or panel interview.

    or worst. those who just graduated and recxently passed the june 2010 Nle. who got note, backer or political debt of gratitude reaps item that should be for those hard working smart and trained nurses who ranked among the top of the batch of applicants.

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    election ban.freeze hiring until end of november. heard OSMA will be renovating. so the staff nurse might be transferred/deploy temporarily to other hospital. there are vacant n4 position at Binondo. but of course they dont accept applicants coz they already reserved the items for their people. still sta ana need entry level nurses. my friend told me they are understaff. they are not accepting volunteer nurses yet.

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    hi.. how's your application at sta. ana? i called the city personnel weeks ago and was told that the entry level positions were filled up already. they have accommodated the top 50 who passed the training. some of them were under contractual status. as to when they will be calling up again, that is what they do not know. worst, since it is a joint project and the manila city government already hired almost half. the person told me that the hiring might not come from them. back to square one of the hiring process.

    i am really frustrated as to how our long wait ended.

    my answer to the pm

    i dont think so. april to june they already told me that the hired the top 50. but not according to this thread top 7 or 8 was not called.

    all hiring came from manila city personnel office they told me they prioritize those with note from mayor lim. its impossible that they just need 50 nurses for entry level. my friend who is rank 80 or 85 got in 2 weeks ago coz someone backed her up.

    i called them and asked about my papers. they told me my papers were cleared for the 2nd time but still no instruction wether they will hire me or not.. of course. i dont have a note from mayor.

    i will still continue to follow up. im seeking legal advise if i could file a case. maybe a class suit or something. coz i really felt injustice was made towards me. towards us.

    they are just giving us a lot of bull. every week there are new hirees they call. what a shame thay they do such evil thing.

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    i just can't take the fact that we can't do anything. that we just need to wait. to let the anomalies happen. we must be vigilant for or cause. fight our rights. correct the mistakes. seek justice. and social reform. we just can't let it go and just apply to other fields like Jollibee, Mcdo or Mang Inasal as what the colonel told. We are nurse. We desrve better treatment tahn this. wethere we have backers or not. They should not be irritated. It is us who should be irritated to their sloppy work.

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    no wonder the NLE passing arte is alays below 50. the competency of Filipino nurses. study hard. gosh. even a 75 % passing rate is not enough. then the are the ones getting hired coz of backers

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    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande] thanks chitchiritchit for posting. now i have reason to post another long comment. i respect your opinion and your belief and perspective in life. but let me scrutinize and dissect your post so our readers have something to ponder and of course just read. thank. thanks. thanks. i’m really excited to post again here.

    this is nothing personal. i don’t know you chitchiritchit. so everything that will be read on this post will be on the reader’s to determine for theirselves. chitchiritchit used you. i got affected. so i’m going to react to what he describe that you person should do. so my reactions will be about the kind of person who will follow chitchiritchit’s advice or somewhat agree/practice/relate to chitchiritchit’s statement. again nothing personal. we don’t know each other.

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]chitchiritchit said and i quote: “people inside the city hall also got irritated to those who keep on questioning the hiring process.”

    why irritated? do they have the right reason to be irritated? are they in the right position to be irritated?is there anything wrong in asking about the hiring process? isn’t it their job to provide info to the public. serve them with fair, truthful, honest and transparency etc….?what’s irritating about asking the hiring process? is that illegal/unruly/bad to ask? it’s like were asking how the automated election will go. did the comelec got irritated? asking a doctor the prognosis of your disease, will he get mad? you guys do other examples.

    and next to that statement is “they are only human. let them do their job.”

    and we did. for a very long time. not just us. but maybe even our parents and other who are older to us now. we let them do what they “should” do coz we pay taxes, or plainly voted the mayor they are serving. now they did a bad job. that’s why were a bit concerned and alarmed. it’s so bad that you just want to change places with them. maybe we can trade gasoline boy or store clerk position here in the province that pays 2000-4000 or even farming for their glorified administrative aide position in city personnel office. that if they really do bad work they will not get paid.

    “if you found any anomalies then let it be. you can't do anything about that.”

    omg!!!!. i can’t effin believe that? any person who will do that is

    a. coward. just so afraid he/she will prey upon. screaming with fear.maybe hide in the closet coward person.

    b.coward and stupidly insensitive to the victims

    c. coward and a bad citizen

    d.cowardly bad citizen with no proper/good cultural,social,family and personal beliefs/values/principles and lots of stuffs.

    (on a personal note i think its all the cowardness and that person didn’t have a good childhood.maybe it’s the parents….or maybe its just really the child that wanted to shut him/herself to the world.)

    and hello. you are nurse. what kind of a nurse would not expose anomalies? well let’s go to basic. what kind of a hideous person would do that? just let it be? we are people. we are rational being. that’s why we are better than most animals if not all.

    third. the person that will ignore anomalies (for some reason he/she maybe efffin rich not to be affected,not interested,living alone by his/herself or just a total nega) don’t you know that the president of the philippines now is aquino? you know the motto about the “way” right. so come on. he does not want anomalya.

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]i/we can do anything about it. just the fact you expose it meant something. for other people. to the world. if you tolerate it your kinda agreeing to what they are doing. coz you keep letting them. now if you speak up and thay didn’t seem to bother its not on you anymore. it’s on their conscience, unless you want to do the same thing they are doing. it feels good that you know when most people don’t seem to care on what’s wrong and right. you still have your good values your parents taught you. or not,unless you caught one of your parent cheating on the other and never told the one being cheated. i’m not shocked that the person who will simply ignore it can definitely ignore things like this. huhuhuhuhu. sad, poor childhood. some things you can just and want to ignore but most thing don’t. coz if it’s really ignorable in the first place according to your life preferences you haven’t noticed it right?

    “that's why it is called "internal hiring".

    no comment

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]“you should be patiently wait for your turn.” i/ we did. and certainly is still waiting and willing to wait. but is there something worth waiting for? is there a security/assurance that we are waiting for it? logically a person will not wait for something that they knew already they shouldn’t be waiting coz its not for them to wait. or worst. waiting for something they knew already will not come back or arrive. like dead people. maybe wait in the afterlife. funny. still wait patiently? with patience comes time factor. and the two reason i gave for waiting. did i made a point?

    “the rebellious attitude will just make a person rank in the "least priority" even though you are competent. there is no harm in questioning, but remember they are in the position.”

    now that i’m in a somehow strong point of view in my life so outspoken and driven for a change i kinda understand the rebels and student activist now. still thinks they are exxag with the fighting,guns,tomatos,water hoses,paint balloons and stuffs. but i have something i’m fighting for. not just a fight. but a fight worth fighting. coz i’m maltreated. made felt lesser of a person and not given worth. would you just accept that? o what a shame. getting less than what you deserve. yes it’s not being humble but it isn’t being boastful or proud too. its just getting right.

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]he least priority? owww these people are the ones who don’t got note from the mayor.(us!!!!!!!!) who didn’t got what the city personnel is implying. maybe the “lower ranking” people. if the ranking is 1-100 and you need 50 people. will you get ranks from 80-100? maybe i have my personal standards too. so my answer is no!!!!! coz 1-10 may not be that really important. they are all bright. they battle the ranks cut throat. but however ranks 40-60 even 70. these are the above average people. intelligence wise they are at pat. they differs only in personality looks and wqay of life. but comparing rank 45 to 85.80. or rank 60-80 onwards. that’s were the factor of intelligence comes. surprisingly the potential/personality/perseverance/dedication can kick in but to point out they didn’t even made it to half.

    we can’t say that automatically if you need 50 people from 100 you’ll get the first 50. you consider other things. the ranks 79-100 can also pick up on the other traits they lack aside from intelligence and compensate just like the ranks 80-100 picking up on their knowledge.

    we are in hospital work. dealing with people and lives. do you want to compromise the kind of service? yes i’m saying in a way that those who passed with a 75% on the nursing licensure exam is in a way different in terms of intellectual aspect not with those 75.4 % 76.1% but with those 77%. a 2 % difference makes a lot or reading, applying, rationalizing, conceptualizing, practicing and most importantly understanding.

    are you aware that those who’s scored in the qualifying exam was 49, they didn’t qualified? even if the passing score is 50? even if they are realtives of ossam employees? well in my story and experience nada. that’s how great the competition/challenge/traing/practice that we went.

    were you aware that there were nurses in onb who drunk while on duty. yes not inside the hospital floors but within the hospital particularly in the parking area. outgoing ang incoming staffe nurses. boys and girls. i don’t know their scores in their qualifying exam, their passing rate in licensure exam. but one thing i’m sure. i know people who got involved that was backed up. yes scores,percentage. numbers matters. wether your section 1 in high school, valedictorian or section 5. it will tell something about you.

    were you aware that previously there was a law that only the top 40% of the graduating class be permitted to apply in a nursing school? republic act no. 7164 pna of 1991. and of course the entrance exam in different colleges and universities. why are we doing this? do we want to ensure quality nursing? do we want to make sure that we did some measure or i can say the best we can to prevent errors of shortcomings?

    yes. but of course people change. they progress in a way. we are humans. we have the capability to best adapt and change our weakness to be an asset.
    but still number matters.

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]i have another story. hope it will make a point about a nurse who got a higher rank due to intelligence than a “least priority” as chitchiritchit termed it but i call someone who just be in that “level” that even changes happen it’s not major to step up their games.

    nurses in of course hospitals run by manila govt. some i know. some i’ve worked with. some i just heard about. i have the feeling/impression they didn’t do well enough in the qualifying exam. but still i’m quite surprise to what they did.

    doctors order was read. a child (maybe an infant i guess) has fever. so needs paracetamol syrup. not that the child can be consider as 10 years older but hello….giving 30ml of paracetamol to the sick child. instead of 30 mg.

    doctors order. infuse 500 cc of iv in 6 hours. they hook 1liter iv coz that’s what they had and used to hooking. if you don’t know how to compute. omg. even if it was written by the doctor and that didn’t checked. the whole 1 liter iv consumed in 6 hours. the doctor got mad of course.

    just 2 stories i know/heard of personally.

    how about salbutamol nebule given orally? or a suppository as an oral med? or even those who can’t differentiate ats from tetanus toxoid.

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]are these the nurse we want in the hospital? omg!!!!!!! owie noweee

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]“the rebellious attitude will just make a person rank in the "least priority" even though you are competent. there is no harm in questioning, but remember they are in the position.”- the shocking reality is they are not even getting the “least prioritized’ or low rankers… but those who failed or never took the qualifying exam. a shocker right?

    yes they are in the “position” but we are in a “better position” than them… you know why? because we don’t have to kiss ass and be in debt with someone else to pay them political/personal favors. we don’t do anomalies, we don’t do wrong, we are far from being sued and strip of jobs, public grunt and distrust and we have a clean image and living. and them? oh my…gross. rotten. thieves. and we can do better than them. coz they suck on their work.

    ”they are somewhat correct. don't focus too much to those hospital. remember they are government hospitals so don't be shocked if you hear about "backers". there are other private hospitals who are in need of nurses. maybe you just have to make an "eye catching" resume. “

    somewhat. we wouldn’t be focusing if we don’t deserve the item. crying out loud. if you belong to the top 100 and you know there is more than enough slots for a nurse. will you not be expecting? how much more when they said they already hired the first 50. and your rank 60 or 70? some who made it are also applicants in medical city, makati med. st. lukes name it. surely we have applied/considered it. but knowing that theoretically you have a greater chance in sta ana coz you ranked in the top 100? why apply simultanesoulsy?

    i personally believe and practice a slow run. what if i send out all my resume to ten and more hospital? and most of them scheduled me on the same day, week or month? it’s ten or more that i need to allocate my clothes to wear, fare,food allowance and stuffs like that. do i want a reschedule?will i not attend the others? it will blew my chance on that hospital. some people do. in the fact that they will wait fr long time before being called upon. i can wait. i just don’t want that all oopurtunities will knock on me almost at the same time. it’s harder to choose and hard to decline others. coz if you fail. no more back up. it’s like delicadeza. word of honor. yopu turn down one’s offer in favor of someone you thought better but will pester the one you previously rejected as a rebound? no no no no. stay focus. know what you want and do what only you can.

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]yes it’s not rocket science to understand that they are “”backer system” in government. in the world. but what i’m shocked is as to how low they went for it. can you imagine not giving an item to someone who scored 75 in the exam but gave n2 or n3 position with someone who scored 35-45 (binondo)

    or giving item to those who failed the qualifying exam. or give appointment papers while they say election ban is ongoing. or implying/suggesting not to wait/focus for sta ana either as a nurse or clerk but just apply to jollibee, mcdo, mang inasal or call center.

    you think its logical for all those who are smart,talented,skillfull and/or who finished a bachelor’s degree to apply in a lesser than what they deserve coz we are a poor country. beggars cant be choosers. try it as stepping stone. and many ways to make it a great statement.

    saying that to someone who’s next in line for the job but the city personnel gave it to someone who didn’t even met the minimal requirement to be hired with. that is so cruel. will you and your family will not get insulted if they told you to apply in fast food? i should have studied in a vocational school. cheaper. shorter. hahahaha. and i know i can still be a manager or supervisor of jollibee. coz i have what it takes. or even better. i could ask my folks to just franchise jollibee fro me. do you think that’s damn right? i took up nursing. i didn’t have a 75% passing rate. i am good and i can be better, best and great. though i applied in jollibee back in college, applied now in mercury drug and generics pharmacy as pharmacy assistant,will be applying in total as a gasoline boy or clerk in 7eleven. this is not even the kind work or what my job is. the salary or what. it’ is about dignity and principles. not even pride coz’ i won’t have problems cleaning out the restroom or throwing the thrash bag. not even the image/perception by the people i know.

    but colonel……saying those words….kinda insulting. insensitive. when you knew my rank/or ranks. my application in binondo even before sta. ana. how could you? are you a mother? do you have kids you raise and spend college tuiton fee?

    going back to the point…other private hospitals needing nurses. yes some of us already applied. and many will surely want to apply. but as for me, it was never yet my intention to practice nursing until 2011 or so. but i did. i’m thankful.i loved it. i can be a nurse or not. it’s not a problem. i can go back study, maybe took another course. work or not my family will take care of me. (i hope someone can relate too). so this issue. it’s not about the prize anymore. yes it could have been sweeter if they didn’t ****** me off. it’s all about fighting for what is right, what is your and representing people who can’t do it for theirselves and love ones. this is a cause. a cause worth fighthing for and to die for. (i mean it. they can shoot me dead after i expose them, sue them and people who deserves it get their jobs, and the culprits. in jail. a criminal/administrative case file upon.making me a stupid i’m a hero right?)

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]eye cathcing resume? omg> *** are we talking about? the mere fact we wrote bachelor of science in nursing is catchy enough. and when ask if we are licensed that’s the total package. a major turn down to most call centers, drug companies and other decent, appreciative, well compensative and not intellectually depreciating jobs available.

    best things come to those who wait.
    – even better, best things comes to those who makes or made effort for it to happen and are smart enough to know when to walk away or move forward instead of stagnating in the same place waiting for the best thing to approach them.

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]while waiting, find other job. don't be miserable. if it's for you..then you will have it. don't harsh into something. remember not all half cooked meals are good. most of the time they give you stomach ache. "hinog" sa pilit is never good. learn the art of waiting patiently. pray hard it works. god has a good plan.

    yes that’s true. we need to support life. buy food and stuffs. pay for bills. i myself is helping my father in the farm. plow the fields. picking up snails that eat the rice plant. buying diesel for the generator to pump water. and of course the carabao. i manage my friends spa too during weekends. i do glutha injections. i sell things. but none of these are compensating enough the fact that i should be in sta ana now earning at least 10,000 plus benefits. yes its not about the money. my time is somewhat still here. if i wanted to do farming i should have gone to uplb or clsu to study agriculture. yes the salary in sta ana can buy me starbucks products, feed me in spiral,relax in shangrila spa,get some bling and gadgets but….missing out with my friends, sharing stories about our hospital experiences.learning. having fun.being a great nurse, a great co-worker. helping people. patients hugging you, thanking you for your help. priceless. i’m a person despite born to a comfortable life i find and love joy in simple things. money can’t buy. (i hope another nurse can relate to my experiences again)

    miserable can be doing something you hate. if it’s for you but someone took it how can it be yours? of course we will use the god, destiny, good karma, closes a door opens a window. funny. you think if venus raj didn’t fought for her crown? what will happen? my guess would be she wouldn’t be miss universe 4th placer.

    but all meals that should be cooked first but serve (uncooked) is raw right? ewwwww. grosss. disgusting. makes you vomit. and feel sick.

    i can compare myself to half cooked. but those who failed the exam or in the 100-200 ranks who got item in sta ana they are just raw. i’m rare to medium and i can be well done. just like i love to have my steak. but the raw ones they haven’t been on the hot coal yet. they are still on the being cut off process from the beef or marination.

    nursing is an art. so technically we know art in different aspects. of course. always god. to those non believers i don’t know about you. but we can’t always argue/use the god angle in the situation coz definitely its universal/in perpetuity. like this issue. we believe that if its not meant then its not. but will you stop on that thought. wouldn’t you even try a little or the best you can to exhaust all the possibility. and that’s the time you will say god has a better plan for me.

    the irony of life!!!!!!!

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    called city personnel. they said my application papers for cler was already cleared in the mayors office but no intsruction from mayor lim. if im gonna be hired. guess we really need to talked with mayor lim. i have no backer. so im a nobody in terms of these processing of application. im just following the process and adhering to their rule and system. all i have is my skills talent knowledge and faith.

    some of the people i know in my batch are starting to get backers. some got note from mayor lim already on their papers. let's see if they will be hired. or that note is still useless coz its the people from the city personnel who submits and forwards names to be signed. bummer.....

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    Quote from jasper2009
    What you did was very brave. To stand up for what you believe in amidst the uncertainties that face all of us. What I can advice you is to seek help from public service programs of ABS-CBN or GMA. I believe there is a program aired in Teleradyo that can address your concern. They have a direct line to Mayor Lim and from there you can ask Mayor Fred your questions.

    Again, I bow down to your bravery.
    thanks. thats why im doing all of these. coz i want to inspire people. so they know there still someone fighting for what is right. and we just need to gain in numbers.

    i dont want to put mAYOR in that kind of light. so im still working on how to gain access discreetly. what i want is a froum with mayor with all of us nurses. who are waiting. the ones from binondo batch last year. and now the sta ana batch. so all concerns can be raised.

    now they are considering me as a clerk applicant. but i will never stop following up for the nurse item. coz in three months time the hospital will be fully operational and they gonna need nurses. it doesnt mean i applied for clerk they gonna strip me of my wiating list status as nurse.

    im still looking for a backer to relay our concerns to mayor. so he can do the correct actions to those people undeserving of their position and authority. just like what he did to the previous head of personnel. whom gossips are. where exposed by other applicants of her wrong doings.