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  • Nov 21 '13

    I'm thinking about trying my luck with SWTCC… long as I can score between 100 and 130 I'll have a score of between 57 and 60…which from what I can tell is pretty good

  • Nov 19 '13

    me too pcarter. i hope the outcome Will be good tho!

  • Nov 18 '13

    hello unionnurse

    i'm totally in the same boat as you! The link also disappeared. I called admission to see what it meant and was told it was neither a denial or acceptance so lets not give up hope. besides I have a low GPA so it will be by the faith of god if I get in!! We have to keep trying. But I'm telling myself it's plenty to do in healthcare. If nursing is not meant for me then I'm looking at other fields of care to go into. So keep having faith and dont give up!!!

  • Jun 5 '11

    I checked my mail this morning and recieved a letter from covington stating that I was in the top percentile and about meeting for orientation! yayyyy Oh and I also recieved a letter from TTC @ Memphis and I got accepted... I am so excited!