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    Quote from GymNurse
    I am through apologizing. The only anger I HAD was against myself for going into the nursing profession. I am sorry for becoming a nurse, I am sorry for what the nursing profession has become. I am sorry for not making the choice to get out of this volatile profession sooner. You got caught AGAIN because you obviously are and always be an addict. I realize that the only reason for being invovled in IPN right now is because I need a job. I honestly do not want to be in the nursing profession. But because of the economy, and the financial stress of parcticpating in the IPN, i really do not have any other choice but to try to find a nursing job. I do not believe that NA,AA, or any other group meetings are beneficial to everyone with a drug problem. There are OTHER alternatives to self improvement that don't include self pity, regression, or reliving the past. And if the nursing profession is so caring and concerned about helping their own, they do not seem the least bit interested in giving IPN nurses a second chance. So for the amount of time required to stay in IPN could be used going back to school. Some nurses are unable to get jobs for the entire time they are in the IPN. so why even consider going back to the profession.
    Ditto. I have had an "ass full" of Nursing and especially Nursing in florida. I ended up in IPN after an arrest in which all charges were DISMISSED. I have NEVER had a positive drug screen anywhere because I DONT USE DRUGS. However, it seems that Florida DOH and BON dont subscribe to the "innocent until proven guilty" concept. I was ordered to be evaluated by IPN. I went to see him at gainesvile and he was and obnoxious, abrasive little prick. His nurse was a recovering addict so she was very condescending and faux understanding when I explained that I didnt use drugs and the last time I smoked marijuana was over 18 years ago. If you get ensnared in the machiinery of the IPN program and have to be evaluated you are screwed. You are considered guilty before you ever walk throught the door. Addictioin is there business and their livlihood. They see you as a lying addict in denial. Even though he wrote that i had no history legal or drug wise and that there was no evidence of drug use he still recomended that I be "monitored" ....... equals screwed. TRy finding a job now!!!! He seemed ****** off that I was on hardship and the taxpayers were paying for my eval.