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    I have a panel interview this week for a peri-op 101 program. There will be 4 surgical dept managers holding the interviews. Two years ago, as a new grad, I interviewed and did not receive an offer. It was actually a blessing in disguise as the experiences and people met are invaluable!

    I am not a super loud, outgoing person, however I WILL speak up and advocate for my patients. OR nursing is something that I have always wanted to do. If I don't get chosen this time around, I will continue to apply until they are tired of seeing my name.
    Safety and attention to detail are huge priorities for me. How do I show them that I am a person they WANT in their ORs?

    Any tips or hints would be very appreciated!

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    Buy your books from an online store. Do a Google search with the ISBN number and look for the best price. I have gotten previous edition books for $8 instead of paying >$150 for the most current one. Look at your school's bulletin board or online message board for postings from upper classmen or those who have dropped out and are selling their supplies for cheap. Also my school's lab accepts donations of uniforms and sells them for $5 a piece.
    As far as the kids - Well all I can say is set up a schedule for studying/keep track of when assignments are due and go from there. Best of Luck to You!

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    That is awesome. She left a true legacy and found a way to live on.

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    Thanks Everyone for the replies! Sounds like we will be working on it soon. Happy New Year! Everyone be safe : )

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    I agree, Get organized! Stay organized (thats the hard part for me!) Keep track of assignments due. I keep a calendar with everything written down, including my reading assignments. Take things one sentence, concept, chapter at a time! Break it down into small bites. Enjoy the feeling of being a nursing student!

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    Actually meant to put this in the General Student Nurse section! Oh well...

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    Does your class have a facebook page? A few of us were discussing the possibility of starting one, but I thought I would get some outside input. I know there is the risk of someone sharing too much information. Do you think the ease of contacting everyone is worth the risks? Please weigh in! Thanks, Relysh

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    Hi Everyone!
    I am nearing the end of my first semester at Calhoun Community College and we will take a HESI exam at the end of each semester. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Are the questions much different then a regular test? They really have not said much about it and this first time it only counts as 10% toward our grade, so thats good I guess. Thanks for reading! Any comments/suggestions are welcome

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    I am currently in the nursing program and we had orientation one week and registration the next. For the first semester they have to do your registration, after that it is up to you! Congratulations and Good Luck!

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    I am a former Veterinary Assistant (on the job training) of 10 years. I am currently in nursing school and I can say that my exposure to medications/terminology has helped quite a bit so far. I never claimed to be a 'nurse' in the vet world although if people asked I would say my job was "kind of like a doggy nurse'. In the doctors office where I work I would NEVER presume to tell people that I was a nurse. It really annoys me when someone does that! I have heard of vet techs letting people think that they are the Veterinarian. Why can't people just be who/what they are? I miss the animals... Relysh

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    I am taking two classes -Health Assesment - got an 86 and Pharmacology- got a 96! Next tests are in a couple weeks!

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    There should be a chart or explaination in your text book. However here is my explaination. This chart is borrowed from wikipedia by the way

    Active immunity requires something to initiate the response and is produced from the persons own immune system. For example an infection or vaccination. It can take a few days to be effective. Passive immunity is immunity passed on from another with no action required. For example from the mother through the umbilical cord or nursing. It can also come through transfusion of fluids. It is effective immediately.
    This is just off the top of my head and it has been awhile since micro so always double check! Good luck to you! Relysh

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    I think your plan sounds very doable. Good for you for paying off your debt! I would put back as much as possible in the next year, just in case something comes up. I know that my costs during the summer before nursing school started where a bit more then expected (shots, uniform, supplies etc...). I am in a part time evening program and work 40 hours a week so, no financial aid for me either. Good Luck, Relysh

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    I start on the 23rd! One more week. The summer seems to have flown by, yet it seemed next week would never come. I think we all have the same butterflys going on right now! Its nice to not be the only one. Next week we are sure to have a ton of posts about the first day! Good luck everyone : )

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    Very Funny! I love pacman.