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    Quote from nursedandy
    Yes, you need a valid/unexpired IELTS result in order to renew your VSC unless you work in the US for atleast 27-36 months-including nine months of the year before the date an applicant submits the renewal application., you will only need a employment summary on corporate letterhead from your employer then your english requirement will be waived.
    If my visa screen certificate expires in 2015 ,ielts will be expires within 2 year in 2013 ,so the 5 year visa screen certificate is still valid from 2013 after the date ielts expires till 2015 until visa screen expires?

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    What is the next step to do after getting a visa screen certificate? What type of visa do I have to apply? How long does it take to get visa or is it better not to apply for visa due to retrogression. Is it possible for an employer to offer job and able to apply visa for the candidate?

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    I have got a visa screen certificate from CGFNS valid for 5 years due to expire in May 2015 , but I heard the IELTS is valid for only 2 years. Do I have to retake the IELTS test before the visa screen certificate expires.
    Can somebody able to give me some information.

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    Quote from ghillbert
    Here is what I posted yesterday. It's still true today, and it's what the post about the SSA info says.

    You cannot get a SSN to give the CA BRN unless you have a valid visa which permits you to work in the US.

    You can't get that without your nursing license. See the problem?
    The social security office information as follows.
    "Otherwise, we can assign a number only if law requires a Social Security number as a condition of receiving a federally funded benefit. "
    Does that mean they could issue SSN ?

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    Quote from Ginger's Mom
    You don'T have legal authority to work in the USA when you do a SSN will be issues.
    My intention is to keep the registration active rather than to avoid the file destroyed and to apply for visa later.

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    this is the message i received from social security office. it says i would be able to get a social security number if the law says so and they will not produce a card.the message is as follows

    if you live outside of the united states (u.s.), we can assign you a social security number (ssn) or issue you a duplicate or corrected card if you meet the following condition(s):

    (1) you are a u.s. citizen or

    (2) you are applying on behalf of a child who is a u.s. citizen or

    (3) you are a noncitizen with department of homeland security (dhs) permanent resident or permanent work authorized status. otherwise, we can assign a number only if law requires a social security number as a condition of receiving a federally funded benefit.

    there are certain situations when ssn’s may be assigned for non-work reasons. certain non-immigrants (people lawfully admitted to the united states on a temporary basis) are authorized to work while in the united states based on their immigration classification. non-immigrants who have left the united states are no longer eligible for ssn’s. this is true regardless of whether or not they had authorization to work while in the united states.

    to apply for a social security card abroad, you need to complete and sign form ss-5-fs, application for a social security card - foreign service, that you can obtain from the following internet address:

    form ss-5-fs explains what evidence you will need to submit with your application.

    take or mail the completed form with the required original documents or copies certified by the custodian of the record, to the nearest u.s. social security office, u.s. embassy, or consulate, or, if you live in the philippines, to the veterans affairs regional office in manila.

    in countries where there is a relatively large number of social security customers, the american embassy or consulate may have a federal benefits unit (fbu) with individuals who have been specially trained to provide a full range of social security related services.

    you can find a list of these countries on our web site at the following internet address:

    the u.s. embassy, consulate, or military office will authenticate copies of documents that can be mailed to social security in baltimore, maryland.

    the acceptability of a document must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the applicant’s situation and exploring what evidence is available for the person.

    if you live in a country with an fbu at the u.s. embassy or consulate, you can take the application to the fbu. in countries that do not have an fbu, the embassy or consulate can forward the application to the nearest country having an fbu or you can send the application along with copies of the required document(s) that have been authenticated by the embassy, consulate, or military office to our office of international operations (oio) at the address below:

    social security administration
    attn: ssn unit
    p.o. box 17758
    baltimore, maryland 21235-7758

    if you are a u.s. military dependent or a u.s. citizen working on a u.s. military post, you may also go to the post adjutant or personnel office.

    these offices can copy and certify your records so that you do not have to send original documents through the mail. do not mail original documents to the social security administration in baltimore, maryland.

    your social security card will be mailed to you from the united states.

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    I have passeg NCLEX exam in 2008 from california board of Nursing and got IELTS score as per the requirement and completed visa screening process. I am a Newzealand citizen got Nursing degree from India currently working as as a RN in Newzealand. I got a letter from Nursing Board requested to submit US Social Security Number so the Nursing Board can issue a permanent RN licence or else my file will be destroyed after 3 years from the date dec 2008 as per the letter . Kindly advice me how to obtain a Social security number