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    I work for a for profit hospital I have kept an open mind over the last five years and worked all units at our hospital to make myself more valuable to the hospital. currently we are under the worst nursing crunch I have seen. Our step down unit is any where from 6-8 to one with the charge taking at least 2 pt's on midnights there is no secretary. we are now using rehab and skilled nursing nurses with no telemetry experience to fill the void. our nurse managers walk around with clipboards making assingments they themselves could never hope to take on
    our docs have caught on and know that if their pt is on the fine line of failure they will not down grade from the cicu our cicu is overloaded and we are on diversion most of the time. with the charge nurse taking on her pt's and handling the clerical duties for the 30-40 beds the poor rehab nurse drowns or misses something. the managers made a new 36 dollar an hour contract for temp nurses and the staff nurses still make 16 an hour. this has caused horrible feelings toward administration. some of these nomads have less cardiac nursing skill than our poor rehab nurses. but we kicked ass on our joint commision inspection.