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    Quote from LDRNandMidwifetobe

    Thank you so much for your reply. I am going to Frontier bound in November. I am so excited I can hardly see straight. My class isn't a bridge class. Do you work full-time in addition to going to school? Do you think the study load is doable with working? Currently I work full-time and a PRN position, but I am giving up the PRN position in October. I picked the part-time track. I completed my BSN while working full-time plus my PRN position. Any words of wisdom or advice would be welcomed! Good luck in your continued success.
    I am working FT and as of now, in the program FT. We shall see if I need to cut it back. I think you will do just fine in PT and FT work. Frontier is all about community and working together. Get to know your classmates, they will be great supporters. Some classes make secret Facebook pages with only the people in their classes. look for clinical sites early.

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    Congratulations! When do you go to Frontier Bound? I am in class 92. Just finishing up the first year which in. Y class is the bridge class. Is your a bridge? If you have any questions let me know

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    You are welcome Good luck in your schooling

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    i like frontier. they work very hard to give you a sense of community though you are doing your schooling online. i like that. over the past year we've all gotten to know each other pretty well. there is quite a bit of group work in some of the classes which is a little difficult at a distance but not really that bad if your team comes together with a clear cut plan. with frontier you can get both as well (cnm/whnp). that's my plan as well. my husband in military so when we move around it'll be good to have both since i'm not going to know what kind of reception cnms get in some areas. for the most part i like this school and it's ranked pretty well on the cnm schools. some things i don't like are...i don't like that the school doesn't take the responsibility of finding your clinical preceptor. we have to do that ourselves and work to get them credentialed. that sucks!! so if you go there, start working on getting a clinical site soon. they will try and help you though if you're really having a hard time.

    you will already have your bsn so this next thing wouldn't really affect you but to others reading...i'm doing the rn-msn so i have the one year of bridge courses..the thing i don't like is that they do not award you a bsn after the bridge year. so if you don't continue on the program your kinda screwed.

    random frontier stuff
    you are required to attend a acnm starting your own birthcenter conference prior to going to clinical bound.
    for those that have a bsn you will only go to ky twice frontier bound and clinical bound. for those doing the bridge work it's 3 times. the first 2 are only monday evening-thu. the clinical bound is a full week (i think).
    the school is big on community and tradition. it's really quite nice. you should look up mary breckenridge and see what she's about. the school is out in the middle of nowhere and in a very pretty mountainess area.

    hiring potentials
    well i don't think hospitals employ cnms but most likely will work for an ob office with hospital privledges. some of the people i go to school with are more interested in homebirth or birthcenters. personally i would rather do hospital deliveries at least until i well experienced. i think if you are anywhere near miami you'll have no trouble finding work. wow! i think i wrote my own little book. if you have any other questions or anything about frontier let me know. also feel free to pm me if you want

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    I have a friend finishing up her first year at Baylor for that program. Frontier offers the DNP program too. That said I don't know what will be required and when. They've been talking about it for years. At University of Florida they changed there program to match that of Baylor. They have the BSN-DNP

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    Wow! The curriculum doesn't look very focused at all. I think Univeristy of Florida has the CNM program.

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    I am in the CNM program at Frontier. 1st year. When I was researching schools I looked at University of Cincinnati since you don't have to travel for it but they require 1 year of L&D experience. It's so hard these days to get said experience because the hiring folks are only looking at L&D experienced nurses (at least in my area). The traveling to Frontier is not bad. If you already have a BSN then you only have to go twice and you have room and board so you don't have to go and stay at a hotel. Frontier does not require the GRE for anyone with 3.0 and above I think. Also I think Stony Brook's CNM program is online and doesn't require the GRE either. Some schools also offer dual program. I am thinking of getting my WHNP along with the CNM, it's only an extra term of clinical hours. .

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    You could try and get a position as a nurse tech on a cardiac unit or in the ED. I really can't help you on the NP first assistant question because I think its per state. Good luck in school

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    I want to add to cardiacrocks and also say if your patient starts to say "I don't feel right" Listen. Sometimes its hard to assess that because they can't tell you exactly what they are feeling but if they say that they need very close monitoring and probing

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    You should go to their facebook page. They usually post when acceptance emails go out.

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    We have the plastic spike that we draw out medications, but that doesn't work for all of them. Such as our SQ Heparin or insulin. I stuck myself with a clean needle while drawing up a heparin but I discarded it and began again. There is no way I would stick someone with that needle whether I'm clean or not. That's just irresposbile.

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    WOW! That is really scary! Did your friend report that nurse?

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    Thank you all very much. I really appreciate your advice I should be hearing something next week. I think it went pretty well. They seemed to like what I had to say about my past and future goals. I was nervous though. I think because of how much I want the job and it was a panel of people there. I really feel that I can do some good in that unit.

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    I have an interview this afternoon for a level II NICU. I know I may not hear anything on here before then but I have to give it a shot. Here are a couple of questions.

    1. Should I talk about my own personal experience as a NICU parent? All 3 of my children have been NICU kids. My oldest was a 26 weeker and passed away 2 days later. (incomp cervix)

    2. I already have NRP, what are some others that are helpful to have? So that I can mention an interest in.

    3. Should I mention an interest in becoming an NNP?