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I have an interview this afternoon for a level II NICU. I know I may not hear anything on here before then but I have to give it a shot. Here are a couple of questions.

1. Should I talk about my own personal experience as a NICU parent? All 3 of my children have been NICU kids. My oldest was a 26 weeker and passed away 2 days later. (incomp cervix)

2. I already have NRP, what are some others that are helpful to have? So that I can mention an interest in.

3. Should I mention an interest in becoming an NNP?


1) Yes, I would definitely mention your experience as a "NICU parent." I wouldn't get too detailed though. Just mention that you have had experience in the NICU as a parent and that it gives you the ability to empathize with the families on a deeper level. It is not uncommon for NICU nurses to have had prior experiences in the NICU as a parent. Sometimes it is that experience that inspires them to be a NICU nurse.

2) I wouldn't worry too much about certifications just yet. Whatever you need for NICU will be done after you get hired. You will still need to keep up your CPR certification. Also, STABLE will likely be required which is a great class by the way. Especially if you plan to work in a Level II facility.

3) I would definitely mention that you have aspirations to be an NNP. It shows that you definitely have an interest in the NICU and that you have future plans to advance your career.

Good luck to you!


Hi... I'm a Head Nurse in NICU and I would definately discuss about being an NICU parent. any experience in that as a parent or RN will definately open the doors. Betsy is spot on with #2...worry about your certifications later after you get hired. Your charge or Nurse Manager will arrange the CEU classes that you will need and until you get certified, you will probably have to shadow with another experienced RN. Make sure you have your basic First aid and CPR skills handy...With your positive attitude you will make a great NICU RN. On # 3, absolutely yes! That tells me that you are surely interested in becoming an NICU RN and you have goals for yourself.

With your positive attitude and great goals you have for yourself, GO FOR IT!! You got my vote!! I supervise about ten NICU RN's and I have been an RN for 35 years. I wouldn't have any other job than NICU nursing! LOVE IT A LOT! Good luck to you,,, keep us posted!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! let me know if I can be of any help.


One other thing I forgot to tall you,,, if you get on at NICU, be ready. As a parent of several NICU babies, you know you have to be ready and prepared for anything. It is very stressful working NICU because I tell my nurses to be on their toes....You will probably be observed the first several weeks by how well you handle stressful situations because we both know NICU Babies condition's change, and you probably will be watched for how well you respond and react to conditions of the NICU unit, and how well you get along with your peers and doctors. But I don't forsee any problems with you at all.....good luck! :clown:


Specializes in SNF, Oncology. Has 2 years experience.

Thank you all very much. I really appreciate your advice:) I should be hearing something next week. I think it went pretty well. They seemed to like what I had to say about my past and future goals. I was nervous though. I think because of how much I want the job and it was a panel of people there. I really feel that I can do some good in that unit.