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    I've just been accepted! Good luck to everyone else.

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    I don't know if you've seen this yet but this was posted on their website..

    Updated on Friday, March 11th, 2011 at 07:56 pm
    Decisions for the MN/MS, Certificate, DNP and PhD programs were finalized this week. Official letters of admittance, denial and wait list were mailed the afternoon of Friday, March 11. This was an extremely competitive year. Unfortunately, most programs have limited space. We thank each applicant for taking the time and effort to apply to our School and programs. In the next few weeks, we will post a list of graduate specialties that still have space and who will accept applications for late consideration.

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    Did anyone else hear back that is applying to the Masters program? I still haven't heard anything. Im getting nervous!!! Maybe they do the DNPs before the Masters? Im guessing that may be the case because people who don't get into the DNP can be reviewed to get into the masters, right?

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    end of march! Sounds great. I'll keep you updated too.

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    Im sure if it says that your application is complete at the top that it should be fine- but, it doesn't hurt to check up on it. You sound like a strong applicant- just what they want; strong GPA, a few years experience, some volunteer experience and well rounded...

    I have also applied to University of Colorado- Denver, Northeastern, and UPenn.

    I graduated and got my BSN from the US and then moved overseas to Australia and have been working in a medical ward here for over a year. I've got a lot of volunteer experience overseas and spent a few summers volunteering in Africa. In addition I ran a summer camp for inner-city kids in Baltimore for two years. While I've been working, I've been volunteering for a small non-profit yoga studio that helps fund a Hospital in India.

    I don't have direct psychiatric nursing experience- I'm applying to the psych NP route. So if I don't get in this round I am thinking of switching jobs. But, for now I really like the people I work with and am getting good experience. My interests for studying further are a bit unique- I want to focus on adolescent girls and would like to work for a wilderness program for teens with mental health problems- one like

    My recommendations are strong as well. My GPA isn't as great as I'd like it to be- but, I also don't think that is what would get me rejected.

    I've also heard good things about seattleU. I thought about applying to UCSF but, I thought that it was going to be even more expensive for me because of the cost of living in the city. Even though I could see myself moving to san fran one day.

    I have heard that it has been easier to get into schools because of the financial crisis. I'm not 100% that is true. But, I have a friend that goes to Hopkins and she said they pretty much accepted anyone and were dying for applicants.

    Are you taking out loans? or are your parents helping? or have you saved money? just curious of how to do this big investment. hmm...

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    When I look at my online application at the top is says, "The department has confirmed that it has received all necessary application information including letters, transcripts, test scores, and other required items." and then lower down is says "Receipt of this item is not tracked" everything that I sent in. For the essays and everything submitted online it says received.

    When I went to go visit UW a few weeks ago they said that they would let me know around march and the latest april. I was crossing my fingers for march but, when I look at the application blog that they have it says that the latest they will let us know is April 15. So I'm guessing we will hear right around then.

    I got a really positive vibe when I visited there and the professors were really helpful. And I love seattle. So I am hoping to make the move over there! I've applied to a few other schools for backups. we will see...

    Are you from seattle?

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    Just wondering if anyone is applying to University of washington Nurse practitioner program? In previous years there was a thread going but, it doesn't look like anyone had posted anything this year so I thought I'd start!

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    Im not sure how much help I can be. I think a lot of hospitals go in waves about hiring new staff. So you just have to call, email, and look online as openings as much as possible. In Queensland I know that Uniting Health hires new Grads- they have a network of hospitals- just google it- some are in Brisbane and others are a bit further north. Also, there are a few hospitals that hire new grads you just have to apply and talk to lots of people in HR. It can happen- in wise of getting hired after graduating from USA- I did it. So I don't see why you couldn't. It wasn't easy but, it is possible.

    It does take awhile to get visas and registration and the regulations are constantly changing. And in terms of getting a hospital to sponsor you. well just HR if the hospitals sponsor nurses- every hospital is different. The ones that don't sponsor- don't waster your time. and just focus on the ones you have a chance with.

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    I just had a interview and I wore black pants and a nice button up sweater. kept it simple. but, that was west coast as well. I think if I was doing NYC or boston it'd be a different story like you said.

    My interview was very casual with two professors and they were just wearing jeans and sweaters. where are you interviewing?

    Questions asked-
    why do you specifically want THIS school?
    what are your strengths/weaknesses (this one can be hard to think of on the spot)?
    what kind of experience do you have in the field?
    why do you make a strong applicant?
    why have you chosen to go into grad school now?and why this specialty?

    and yes you should have questions to ask- some good things to know-
    how are clinicals set up? are they with only nurse practitioners? or doctors as well? what kind of sites are there (outpatient vs inpatient)?
    do you have classes with other specialities?
    are Teaching assistant or research positions available for funding?
    what kind of support is available- advisors?
    what days am i mostly on campus?
    do most people work?
    --just some things i like to know...

    and most times i find interviews that went well are more just like a casual conversation...
    good luck.

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    Carol- most places they are able to get supplies to- either by boat, airplanes, or car. Im living in brisbane and we've been getting hit for the past couple of days. We went to the grocery store a couple of days meat, eggs, water, bread or milk- it was a strange feeling. Now they have closed down all of the city and the only things that are open are the pubs (go figure- ha).

    My hospital is still open and taking admissions but, MANY or maybe even all other ones in the city are closed due to flooding. This morning we had no one to take bloods. we had no linen. no more bottled water. and they were worried about oxygen tanks. it's a scary time. And they have shut down some of the wards in my hospital that staff can stay in if they can't get home. Also, staffing has been a big problem.

    Im so ready for this to be over with!! Last night I was busy packing up my house so I didn't get to sleep until 2am and had to head to work at 5am. so exhausted!!!

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    I work on a medical unit and we constantly have people that die on our ward. I have been instructed to not use the phrases- "passed away" "gone" "unresponsive" or anything that dances around the word dead. We have to say your father has died or is dead because sometimes the other phrases can confuse family members when they are so upset and they may think there is still a chance they are still alive. Also we don't tell patient's families over the phone we ask them if the would kindly come into the hospital and we tell them when they get there unless no one is able to come. most like i sit down with them and tell them that there family member has died and ask them if they need anything and make sure they have support at home.

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    I get double time and a half for new years day 2pm-11pm. yahoo!

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    I have enough money to pay for most of it up front and the rest I'll take out loans (or hopefully get some scholarships). And it is pretty expensive but, I think it will pay off in the long run. Better to do it sooner than later. Also, Im thankfully not in any debt from undergrad...

    I am planning on doing the psych NP route. Are you applying to schools as well?

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    Is anyone else in the same boat? Anyone else working on applications right now? Im applying to start hopefully in the fall or spring. the next few weeks are going to be a crunch- finishing these essays, getting my recommenders to get everything in and working 40 hours a week.

    Im applying for Psych NP programs at
    and UMaryland

    any advice on these programs?

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    What is the difference from a employer and professional recommendation? UPenn says I need one of each- professional, employer, and academic.