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    Hi Millijs!! Glad to hear you've come this far. . Yes, you will start clinical immediately! Tips / tricks/ advise = exam I was alot of Psych. Try to UNDERSTAND the concepts.. more than just memorize the material.
    Don't postpone the skills - there are a few complicated ones .. so practice alot, and get them out of the way so you can focus on the exams. ( you can look at some of the skills on ATI)

    Do you know who your professors are? or which hospital(s) you are going to?

    Try to find your group for the teaching project right away .. And make sure they are all reliable so you don't wind up doing the extra work.

    Be sure to follow the rubric precisely on your concept maps .. so you pass them right away.

    and. PM if you need any more details.
    =Dog Mom

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    There are skills video on MY PEGASUS ( Kozier web site you access with the access code on the book or DVD). Professor assigned work using this and the video's are there. Also, check with the Nursing Dept. They have alot of video's but you have to watch at the computer room in the school. How is it going for you so far?

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    Hi Milijs, I never had to bring a text to class ( or clinical) except the Davis Drug Guide for Clinical but not until towards mid-semester. The only time I had a book with me is if I was meeting a study group. Risgirl is correct about using the same books for 101 and 105( 2nd semester). Not sure about third and fourth semester yet. Your professor will likely ask you to make an account on Blackboard to obtain the powerpoints. It's easier to take notes if you print the PP presentation prior to class.
    I did use the med surg text for doing Nursing Process Records, but not in clinical. Our clinical instructors asked us not to bring too much to clinical, since we would be leaving our goods in the staff break room and didn't want us to "take over".
    Good luck and How's your reading going?

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    Milijs and New Nurses

    First , Congrats to all of you. First semester 101, tests are based mostly on Kozier Fundementals book. first chapters are 16,17,.23, 42 .

    Second - do yourselves a favor and get Fundementals success and Test success by Nugent and Vitale. The books give type of questions that you will have on the exams with a "rationale" for the correct AND incorrect answers. HUGELY helpful.

    Don't be so afraid of the drop/kick out rate. My 101 class we lost a total of 5 of 24. Most left on thier own due to low grades and fear of failing final. You will have to put alot of time/effort into it but it's worth it. Attend PASS classes regularly, NPR classes and Clinical workshops - and you should be fine.

    Dog Mom

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    Milijs - Do you know how to PM? Can you try to PM me? I have it ALL!!

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    Milijs - I used "Nugent and Vitale" Test Success and Fundementals. The authors are former NCC professors and they helped alot.

    Kuklara - thank you again. I will be in Franklin Square for 105, simply because Glen Cove schedule didn't work with my work schedule. Very sad about that, because my entire study/friend group is going to Glen Cove.
    I see Brunner has a Q & A book avail. I think I will get that one. Seems that the material in 105 is more fact based and less theory, so I am trying to get a grasp on it prior to Sept.
    Also- IrishCook was in my class and we became very good friends. I was just telling her how you have been so helpful over the past year or so. Seem she knows you. Perhaps we three can get together one day for lunch or a cocktail.
    Have a great summer!

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    Hello All! I survived 101 and I am doing my reading for 105. Kuklara, can you recommend any accessory books to help study? I used Fundementals and Test success all through 101. How did you like 105? Compared to 101? Enjoy the summer!!

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    Virgomoon - Evap is exactly right. Professors, students and the department staff are super helpful and supportive.
    Regarding the math, I bought Spectrum 6th Grade Math Workbook at Staples. When I realized we would be mult/dividing FRACTIONS (since I hadn't used since before some of my classmates were born)I was terrified. The workbook helped tremendously.
    Another thing you might want to know: there is alot of "independent study" work that will require you use the Nursing Lab outside of classroom hours. I had to give up a day of work to make use of the lab during it's hours.
    All in all - it is great!

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    JerrysGirl - Mine came out to 2 1/4 pages. As they said in the interview- write what you want the professor s to know about you. I had to throw in what I have been doing with myself all these years ( I am NOT in my 20's - LOL), what I am doing to support myself now,( kind of important that they know I am indepent and not living with anyone) and THEN I got to put in why I want to be a nurse. I don't believe they are grading these, but I am my own worst critic and did it 4 times!!
    I am sure it will be fine regardless of what we say. I don't think they can toss us out of program for having a boring past. Right?? LOL
    Good Luck Tomorrow!!

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    LOL @ JerrysGirl - I don't think the autobiography is going to be published or anything. . Rule of thumb, don't put anything in writing that would hurt you, should you decide to run for president someday. (better safe than sorry, right?) Actually, as Kuklara said, it is just so the instructors can get to know us a a little bit, why we might want to be nurses.. etc.

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    Welcome MisStaken - I still need passport photo too. I am going to CVS today. I understand that they do them for a minimal fee. So excited and nervous for tomorrow. Good Luck Everyone.
    and -might I suggest that we keep this thread (or start a new one )to use during the semester as a group study tool. I would like to join a study group, but not sure if my work/school hours will permit that.

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    At the interview-it was stated that there would be a math test on the 1st day of class, but at the orientation, we were told (by whom I don't remember) that there would NOT be. I am studying, just in case.
    Also - I had a problem with my blue slip. My MUMPS titer came out negative. I had a new booster, but won't get to take another titre for 6 weeks. They would not give me blue slip and told me I have to speak to the Nursing dept. ( this was Friday). I am a bit worried - especially since I have had the MMR series done twice already ( this is my third time- first as a baby, and again in 1991) and it seems that some people just don't show positive on some of these titres. I hope this will not be a problem.

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    Kuklara, Thank you again. You are and have been a lifesaver and a calming voice of reason all along. Just the fact that you chime in to this thread, one semester AFTER you have gone through all of this shows your kindness and compassion. You will be a great nurse! Thank you again.

    also, do you or does anyone know which books we need to physically bring to class the first day?

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    Wow - LOL !!
    I Hope we can wear Socks. I will knock myself unconsious trying to put on tights! And as a bartender, being on my feet - I would perfer a good pair of socks over support hose anyday. My legs never hurt, but my feet start to burn if I wear bad socks. ( also, a day on the feet in hose? Pew!! ) but we will do what we must.
    Autobiography - I did not double space and still went slightly over 2 pages. I am still torn as to whether I should just pick a year or 2 of life and run with that. I may be a bit older than some of you, and it's hard to cram my adult life in 2 pages without double spacing. I should have asked at orientation if I could have an extra "older student" page. ha ha.