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    Can you help me guys,
    my license is about to expire on june 30 and i completed all the requirements except for the mode of payment.
    This is what my board says

    "Only US cashiers Checks "and "US Money Orders" are an acceptable form of payment"

    I'm currently here in the PH, and my problem is where can I buy that US cashiers checks or US money orders,

    I asked my aunt to buy me a us money order who lives in California. She said that the money order cannot be addressed FROM my location and TO Saipan.

    What am'I gonna do?


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    Greetings Nurses
    Can someone help or guide me, how to endorse my US license to california?

    I'm currently holding an active license in Saipan Northern Mariana island.

    Do i really need to get an SSN in California before I can endorse my license there?


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    Im a USRN, but my nursing board is in saipan, do they accept nurses without experience. I will start my volunteer experience on monday in East Avenue Medical for 2 months is that enough?

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    hi guys im scheduled for an exam this coming february 21. any tips?

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    Wow. Congrats maybe you can share us what hospital did u apply for, are they still accepting applicants?

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    do you need to pay for that position?

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    do they consider the applicants who applied to the nars project but didnt pass the interview?

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    oh i see. anyways thank you for the reply

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    1. What are the materials that you used?
    Saunders Nclex
    2. How many hours per day did you study? how many questions did u answer per day?
    minimum of 3 max of 5
    3. How many days or months in total you studied before taking the exam?
    1 month
    4. What are the specific strategies that you used or the the test taking skills you applied during the exam?
    word by word reading, elimination
    5. Take one or take two?
    take one max question. hahaha

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    Hi fellow pinoy nurses. I just want to start a thread about the study and work abroad like uk canada new zealand australia, recently i have been receiving an invitation to attend a seminar about studying while working in other country and a possible chance to get a work visa or immigrant. Do you have any experience or knowledge about this? any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. TIA

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    Here in the Philppines, program like new graduate training? is there any?

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    Hi guys, I passed the Nclex last September 2010, and I'm looking for a training program based in the usa, is there any training program that you can suggest? Thanks in advance.

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    btw where is CHMC? and full name of that hospital

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    working visa and eventually immigrant hope so