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I received my official result today and I passed, tried the pvt got the good pop up for me it works. :yeah::yeah::yeah:

Now my question is, How do i endorse my license, The letter says I need to endorse my license immediately to avoid losing it, How and Where will I endorse my License :confused::confused::confused:, My board is Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners. Thank you all!

:ancong!: Where do you intend to practice nursing? Go to the website of that state nursing board and read the instructions for obtaining a license using the results of the NCLEX you just passed. And congrats again!

Thank you caliotter3

@caliotter 3, I'am planning to practice nursing in colorado, because my aunt lives there, Can i still get a job as a nurse in colorado even if i don't have any hospital experience, but I'am willing to undergo some trainings. I lose hope in this country of ours PH, We nurses that do not have connections inside the institution called "backer" have a low chance of getting the hospital experience we have, they prioritized in hiring their relatives friends etc. :( . Somehow I'am thinking of getting the experience i want directly in the state i want not here in the corrupt policies of Hospitals here.

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You will need to apply to the state and meet requirements for foreign trained nurse. Do you have a work/immigrant visa for the US? otherwise you are going to have issues as employers may not be willing to wait several years for you especially if you have no experience and they will have to prove that they can not employ a US or PR person before you

:up: CONGRATULATIONS! I know the feeling all too well after passing the NCLEX!!!

Thank you NurseCubanitaRN2b ,

@silverdragon, What I'am planning is to have a hospital training experience in the US instead here in the Philippines, I don't have a work/immigrant visa and also planning to get us visa soon.

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What visa are you planning on getting?


working visa and eventually immigrant hope so

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I seriously doubt at the moment you will get a working visa as you have no experience and there are many US nurses especially new grads looking for work. H1b requires BSN and experience as it is a specialist visa

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