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    My biggest fear would have to be lung cancer. ( x-smoker, thank god i found the strenghth to quit )
    actually anything envoulving respiratory failure scares the b geebies outta me! :uhoh21:

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    I have 1 - 14 month old girl, sophia. I am still in school so i hope to finish before any more come along. Its hard to say, i want a big family someday so i guess my answer is how ever many i am blessed with.

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    congradulations..........enjoy your success, you have earned it.

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    i just finished pharm and had a hard time with the class. My advice is to speak with your instructer and ask her what the tests will consist of. My teacher told us from day one that we needed to know the action and use of the drugs. Also good to know the side effects- the thing is that every class is different, so its hard to say where to focus your attention. i can say for sure that if your lacking any math skills it would be a wonderful idea to brush up on the basics before the new semister begins. The math almost kept me from passing the class, it was continued out through out the entire semister, even in the drug portion of the class- those math problems kept re-appearing, so if you can, get it down and keep on top of any thing you're unsure of.

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    tomorrow is my pharm final..........i am scared.
    I need a 50% to pass------doesn't seem to hard, but the pressure is on. Any advice other then to get off the computer and hit the books?! :chuckle

    Please say a little prayer for me and i will for all of you going through the finals..........uck! Just the thought of having to retake this course should be motivation enough!!!!

    Good luck to all of you out there!!!!:wink2:

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    where were you'all in aug.?

    I am just finishing up pharm and i have to say that i am just now really starting to understand the math...............especially the recalculation times for IV's........uck!!!!!

    Its very frustrating at times!----especially when you start to talk to RN's whom are all,"I don't know why they require you to know all of the conversions. We have chrts to look them up when we need to."
    Plus in my state there are colleges where pharm is not required, at all.

    'I am a stronger person for it, i am a stronger person for it, i am a stronger person for it'............................................

    good luck to all whom still have finals to get through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hi there. I can tell you i am sitting in about the same place you are. I am passing now, but fearful that i will drop below if i do not pull a's or b's here on out. The only advice i can give you is to study the USES and actions. I am lucky enough to have an out lined module for the class which helps me tons. I could not pass with out it. The text we use is, in my opinion, useless. Its sad really because the books are expensive!!!!

    I was struggling from the very beginning with the math, alls i can say at this pointg is that its too late to back out so take any oppertunity you can to outline the actions and uses. Maybe any odd side effects etc. Ask questions in class, don't be afraid!!!!
    my tech tends to go over what we'll be tested on. It took awhile to pay close attention- you know, there is an overload of info.

    what about a study group? have any friends in the class? If not then make some. I mean the chances are that there are others like you who may feel thaht any additional studying is helpful. Maybe ask for some pointers from the peers in your class. Every class is different, but myu biggest suggestion to you is to make the most of your free time.

    I know its hard, but the information that you are learning in this clasas is stuff that we need to retain- it isn't like sociology or psyc.....this is actually useful info............................i hope tghat if nothing elese this eases you in knowing you are not alone!!!!!!

    best of luck to you, lets make these last few weeks count!!!!
    ( i know, i am cheesy!)

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    i took ONE shot one year ago and i still have not reached a regular cycle. I have been wondering the same thing though, i am a little hesitent to try this early one.............good luck!

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    i look forward to the cider beer and my favorite drink becomes chai tea........and i love breaking out the down comforter.

    and of course the crispness.

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    if you are interested this is a link that shows where kerry stands on the war. (didn't see this anywhere, hope i am not repeating!)


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    Thanks for all of the encouraging words..........i appreciate them!

    As for you dixie, Best of luck to's nice to know i am not alone on this one.
    My teachers have a nice way of saying "if you're haviong problems now just wait, it only gets harder".....YES, I FIGURED THAT OUT.......i know i know........weed out class..........have to remember that!

    Thanks again guys ~ love the fact that i can count on allnurses for support, makes me smile!!!

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    Quote from Godswill
    while i am not taking pharm, this term i am grateful that we are taking calculation of drug doses this term , because it reviews all those basic stuff you just kinda forget. I take pharm nxt term and realize that while we need a 80 to pass the course we have to score a 95% on a pharm test before we can percede farther in the program, we get 3 tries after the 3rd and failure you are asked to leave. So i can feel how you feel, maybe you can try buying your self a book with the basic stuff to kinda review, good luck i see my calculation book a has peds in it
    Thanks for the advice~~~
    Yes, had i known i would have trouble i would have better prepaired. At this point i feel very pressured to learn it, and move on ~ which i will do, because thats what you do.
    I just have to keep reminding myself that this-pharm- is a weed out class.
    I have people in my course whom are on round what,huh?
    I guess the point is i need to toughen up.
    I just felt like having a pitty party for myself earlier, we've all been there.thanks guys!

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    Thanks for the link, i have added it to my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_k

    Quote from JENRN2BMICHIGAN

    Don't have much time as I am on a five minute break for class. Try this website and good luck!

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    hey y'all. I am not doing so well this semister and i am hoping someone has some tips and or words of encouragement. You see i am in a pretty commomn situation ~ its that i am in school with a one year old and am in my hardestr semister yet. I have a 3.75 gpa whuch is wonderful for me but this semister it TOUGH, and i am afraid i may not pass my pharm class. Math has always been my weakness, as for many people. I am just annoyed because i had this gut feeling that i should take a pre class to regain all of those math skills i have lost over the years. When i discussed this with admissions they discouraged me from the pre class saying that i scored high enough on the entry test so the class was a waste of time- the kicker is i listened to them. Now i'm am sitting 4 weeks into the program with a 84%, no clue how to do some of the conversions (especially peds) and a constant headach. So you see, here in iowa (not sure if this is national) we need to maintain a 78% to pass the class- my fear is that i will drop below and not be able to recover. So i guess what i am asking is if anyone has any sites for the math help. I am so stressed.............i feel so much guilt when i am studying insead of playing with my daughter...........anyone have any useful secrets of success taht helped then through????? i am beginnig to feel extreamely disscouraged... ..thanks for the lending of the ears (or eyes, you know what i mean.)

    ps. My email address isn't acurate so please respond here............thanks