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    Hello All,
    I have a few interviews coming up next week. I have some experience working in a small ICU. I have a couple of interviews coming up in SICU and Stat/RR/ICU RN. Would really appreciate some specific details on the interview process regarding the above positions. SICU interview -level 1 trauma, and RR/Stat/ICU RN in a community hospital. Thank you!

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    Thank you MYSTICOOKIEBEAR, BSN, RN! I really appreciate your response. I am a little nervous...but of course I am focusing more on a positive outcome.

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    Hello All! I am in need of some help/advice. I have an interview coming up at an ICU in a level III trauma center for stat nurse and ICU. I have experience working in a 6 bed ICU, so just want to know in general, what should I expect in this type of interview. I know the facility is probably less hectic than a trauma 1 or II designated hospital. thanks all!!

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    + 200 b/c they're retaining 200 cc of fluid.