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  • Feb 26

    I became nursing supervisor after 8 months at my current job. It's because I perform better in the ways that management sees: documentation, solving customer complaints, getting along with and motivating all member of team, not complaining. We all have talents. Some of the nurses I supervise have better technical skills than me in one way or another. I recognize that freely. And not all floor nurses-not even many floor nurses-want to move into management. Some just want to work their shifts and go home. If you want it and are offered it, take it!

    There has been some awkwardness supervising people who precepted me, but we got through it. Just approach it as a different team members, different strengths thing, and not a "you're better than them" thing. I've discovered I love administration and am now applying for MHA programs, with an eye on DON someday.

  • Nov 16 '17

    I check daily but no luck as of yet. Fingers crossed!! I've been waiting since May!

  • Nov 13 '17

    I am actually starting a dual certification program with University of South Alabama this semester. After thinking long and hard I just could not make a decision for choosing one focus or the other. I think that having a dual certification will be quite valuable for a new grad; provides more marketability and opportunity for finding employment.
    I love adult critical care in the hospital setting, I can also see myself doing health promotion and disease prevention in the community or in the clinic setting. Having a dual certification allows me the freedom to find my way and what I love - or letting it find me without having restrictions

  • Nov 2 '17

    My GPA was too low and I had taken the GRE. I took enough hours to get my GPA up to exempt the GRE. Rewrote my essay. My recs were insane so those are no better I didn't chase down the same people. I have 9 years in the ER, my CCRN, and CEN and I work rapid response. Can't really imagine what I missed except GPA.

  • Nov 1 '17

    I got rejected by UAB last year. It hurts. But I called got advice, followed it and have applied again. I want this SO bad.

  • Oct 22 '17

    That's a weird situation all around. Personally, if the resident had hand delivered me the propofol and then was claiming there's no reason to think it was ordered, I go get the pyxis medication history of the propofol and ask why it says he removed propofol for this patient if it wasn't to be used.

    From reading your post, I'm not really clear what the final sedation/analgesia plan was supposed to be, and you're correct that propofol has no analgesic effects. If the patient requires a wiff of BP support when properly sedated then that's how it goes, pain and/or panic is not an acceptable pressor.

  • Oct 6 '17

    I feel that USA's application process is way to complicated. The transcript entry alone was terrible!

  • Oct 2 '17

    This wait is going to kill me.

  • Sep 29 '17

    I have been a nurse for almost 4 years. I worked in the hospital on an ortho-neuro-oncology floor for about 3 years and I have worked in an outpatient radiation oncology clinic for the last year. My gpa overall is about 3.6 i think--not sure about the last 60 but i wasn't required to take the GRE i don't think..I hate that we just have to wait around to hear. They told me that they process applications as they come in--seems like they should know who absolutely makes the cut and who doesn't. I also applied at South Alabama. fingers crossed, UAB would be my first choice!

  • Sep 28 '17

    Yeah no interviews unfortunately I'm good at those. What's you guys experience and gpa? I've been a CVICU nurse for 2years and I currently travel with prev LPN experience in Med-Surg and ER. I just accepted a fulltime on Grady's Code Team/PICC team so I'm super excited about that. My gpa on the last 60+hrs was 3.5. I still have 3 easy core classes to complete for my BSN

  • Aug 11 '10

    Oh my...another ASN vs. BSN discussion huh? In my opinion, RN is many humanity classes one took to gain their BSN over ADN means little in the clinical arena. I've worked with a lot of new grads thru the last years and I've yet to see a BSN grad that is more clinically competent than an ASN grad. They are equal.
    And this attitude that "I'm a BSN and that makes me a better nurse than that ASN..." doesn't win you any brownie points in my eyes. ASN's and BSN's take the EXACT SAME STATE BOARDS.

  • Jul 27 '10

    Well, I took the opportunity to ask a professor at KSU who is also a medical doctor (you probably know who I'm talking about) because a good friend was considering GHC. He said in no way would he consider the ASN degree/RN a lesser degree and that they are just as knowledgeable. Also, it's great because you can quickly bridge to a BSN after achieving the ASN degree and get that at night or online while actually working. I've heard that to advance you need the BSN but you could get that quickly after graduating. I didn't want to go w/ that route because I'm an older student that needs the whole enchilada, but as competitive as entrance into ANY program is, take what you get and don't pitch a fit! We can always make changes in our careers as we go, but first one has to get into a program and that's not easy!