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  • Nov 7 '17

    Everyone breathe! You'll make it through this thing called nursing school!

    A couple survival tips:

    1. For those white uniforms (ugh) remember to avoid chlorine bleach b/c it will yellow the (usually) non-bleachable fabric. (Except bleach pens are OK.). Do invest in undershirts and/or beige underthings b/c they tend to be see-through (bonus!). An alcohol wipe will remove many stains safely.

    2. Consider a recorder for lectures. You can listen again on your commute or while exercising.

    3. Exercise & watch your diet...most everyone in my cohort packed on the pounds.

    4. Get an NCLEX review book and use it as an adjunct to your studies...will help you acclimate to the questions, which are a bit difficult to acclimate to. The Saunders PN review is excellent for first-year content.

    5. If you love notecards but hate carrying them, consider Quizlet, an online flash card maker that also allows you to play games, print tests and "listen" to your note cards.

    Whew! That's plenty! I just graduated and its taken me about 1.5 months to start breathing normally again!