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    Quote from nursel56
    That is beyond disgusting and the nurse should not have let that behavior continue for 3 months, she should have reported the incidents, (because even if they don't pursue it, a paper trail is started) and she should have kicked his arse out of the room before she gave pericare on the daughter. Making sexually inappropriate remarks "always" during his daughter's peri-care?!? Oh, no-no-no-no. Poor little girl. . .
    Oh, she did report it to the agency (case manager) amongst other things. Nothing was ever done. It was funny when the young manager had to come to the home one day and made a comment afterwards about how she could not believe he was walking around in that thin little bathrobe. Now, mind you this was a big guy. He sat there for 1 1/2 hours talking with her, but never excused himself to get dressed. Afterwards, the manager made a comment to my friend (nurse) how she was waiting for it to open up! Asked if he always walked around that way, like she had no idea about any of this or the inappropriate comments being made! When the case manager was confronted, she stated, she felt he was only joking around and it was their home, and he could dress the way he wanted to as long as his privates were covered. Nothing was done, so she quit the case.

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    Don't call OSHA; you need to be calling the State on them. You can file a complaint annonymously, the sooner the better. I would write a character reference for the nurses they fired.

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    I am surprised no one else has replied to this yet. I would also like to know if this is a common practice in facilities among nurses or just isolated at certain LTC places. I heard years ago of experienced nurses "eating" their young when they were orienting them, but I do not think, that is even common anymore. To answer your question, I also am appauled that this is going on.

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    Quote from pca_85
    yeah, when i worked there, nobody gave a crap about residents rights and nothing would ever get reported...............basically, everyone played stupid................look at it this way, they didn't deserve an awesome nurse like her anyway.................oh, and it was the first place i ever worked as an aide.............guess what, the grass ended up being greener everywhere!
    while, i feel bad for the nurse this happened to, you are correct they did not deserve an awesome nurse like her, but they sure do owe her a big apology. unfortunately, she will never get one. i hope she does not feel like she did anything wrong. i wish, i knew who she was because i would send an email/call her to come join us where i am at. i already reported that prn nurse who made the statements to the aid to our don, especially since she thought it was so funny. the don was not exactly too happy with her anyways.....has had complaints about her before, so she plans on not calling her to fill in anymore. when you are prn that means as needed. well the don isn't firing her, but did tell me she won't be needed and is just going to leave her hang without any hours!

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    "I, too, babysat in the homes of some of these wealthy people while a nursing student... and saw similar things to what is being described... it isn't just confined to the poverty-stricken!"

    You are absolutely is not confined to the poverty-stricken. The home my friend worked in for 3 months was in a very nice neighborhood, where the Jones were keeping up with the Jones. The girl's father was in his late 50's and already retired, because of all the money they had. The house was filthy inside with everything thrown about. Their dog would crap all over because they were too lazy to let him out. She said, the house reaked of urine everywhere!! The dishwasher would be filled with dishes and dirty dishes were constantly all over the counters, because they were too lazy to wash them or unload the dishwasher, so they could put them in. She could not even use the bathrooom because poop and pee would be dried on the toilet seat everyday from the other kids in the house. The mother did not work either, but never lifted a finger to clean anything. If the father suctioned his daughter's trach, he would not wear gloves. When my friend tried to educate him on the importance of hand washing and wearing gloves, he replied by telling her how beautiful her eyes were!! Like I said before, I have no idea why she stayed there 3 months putting up with that nonsense. He was always making sexually inappropriate comments to her when his wife was not at home.

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    I would have given more than death looks! I know nurses who work homecare and hear stories all the time. The one nurse recently had been caring for a girl with a new trach/vent. Her father was coming onto my friend in front of his daughter when the mother was gone. My friend had to ask him to stop repeatedly. The father would always make his remarks to her while she was giving pericare. He kept walking around her with only his thin short bathrobe on!! OMG, I don't know how she stayed there for 3 months!!!

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    Quote from best nurse 2010
    Have worked at the cleveland facility for years. Fantastic care, incredible staff. Lots of changes recently, all for the better. Higher acuity levels, some people hate change. 5 star ratings and deficiency free surveys! try that sometime!
    Well, I am personally grateful I did not apply for a position there. Everyone has heard about all the recent changes and why they have been taking place with good reason. Maybe you are one of the changes that needs to be made. There has been much talk from their forever nursing staff who work at other places too. They thought it was so funny that they got away with running newly hired nurses out of there. To quote one of them who works PRN at the facility, I am at and mind you she was laughing the entire time she was telling an aid this that she is trying to recruit to go work there as it is a "cake" job working there "you can pretty much do what you want and everyone covers for each other. We have a code of silence that is understood." This is what she stated "we set this nurse up that the new administrator hired. It was so easy she did not know what was going on. We didn't even orient the stupid b--tch just left here to fenn for herself. Oh well, she should have gone with the flow and kept her mouth shut!" Then she went on and on about the administrator and DON being so stupid and easy to manipulate about what was going on. Then she's talking how they have all taken bets on whether the new administrator is a "dike". Her language was so filthy when she talked it was like she was from the gutter. A friend of mine works at their other facility in Westalke and the word spread there about what went on in cleveland. Nurses need to remember, that nurses know nurses and the word spreads fast. So, whi is suffering from all of this? How sad is it that we have nurses setting up other nurses? It makes you wonder.

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    Don't feel like a fool.
    I have not laughed so hard like this in a long time. Your post is exactly what I needed! Now, I don't feel so bad about the Dementia resident who made it out of the building at my last job. We never knew he was gone until a bartender from across the street called us to come pick him up. He had been drinking shots and beers!

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    Quote from pca_85
    Thank you
    I have accepted a position in a nicer part of town. Staff seemed very friendly when the DON walked me around the place. The facility was set up very resident friendly with a nice open large lounge area with big screen TV for them. They also have the computer charting, which I really, really like! Have high aide to resident ratio, so nurses can focus on our duties, rather than always having to help the aides. They have it set up so the aides are paired and work in teams. Got the call yesterday offering me the position. Explained the trouble, I was having when I interviewed about staff in other facilities always thinking, I am their personal lifting machine while trying to pass meds or trying to chart, to the point I could not get my nursing duties completed. The director of nursing assured me it would not be happening there. So, all turned out well.

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    Thanks for the info. I will try emailing you. I don't think I am permitted to do so yet, but I will try.

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    How about Rae Ann Cleveland. I heard it was a small place and are hiring. Concerned about it being so close to the projects though....I have a new car. Anyone have positive or negative experiences there? I have had 3 LTC positions past 8 months and do not want to get into another situation. Seems like, just because I am a male nurse everyone needs me to lift everyone while I am trying to pass meds. Gets frustrating after a while. I am not a lifting machine. I am a NURSE who happens to be a male!!!!

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    I posted to you under the general section.

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    Why do you think they are now offering a $1500.00 sign on bonus? I would be leery, but that is just me. I am not saying I worked there or not.....take it for what it is worth!