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    Who cares! Be happy you have a job. Management is always doing those things. Don't worry about it.

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    I would love to be a promoter for the entertainment industry, Work at a winery and host fabulous wine tasting parties, perhaps work as a special effects makeup artist, be a consultant in fashion, any thing creative, artistic and fun.

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    Yes, their are jobs out there. keep your options open. Sometimes you have to work in a setting that you may not initially like. However, it can lead to other opportunities. These are not the times to be picky. Just get out there and work.

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    Make sure you do all your work the right way. Don't make any short cuts. If you do your work correctly then no one can accuse you of anything bad.

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    Your word against hers, that's what management is going to tell you. First of all if the BULLY is acting that way with her co workers I'm sure she acts that way with the patients. You need to have patients complain about her and get it in writing. This is very important !!! Managment could care less about your feelings. Management doesn't want lawsuits or anonymous phone calls to the state. Secondly, you need to get together with other nurses that hate this BULLY. Power in numbers!!! You all need to get together and figure out ways to find mistakes. You need to make yourself a pot of coffee and comb thru those charts. I'm sure there are errors. Everyone makes mistakes. Make 3 copies, one for yourself, The Director of Nurses and Administrator. Turn it in. Hey, its a dog eat dog world. Finally if that ***** confronts have to be ready for that, tell her "What, are you gonna hit me? I wish you would". Keep a folder of all the errors, patient complaints, and anything that would jeopordize the patients. Make copies!!! Eventually she will hang herself. I've been through so much bull####. You have no idea. Also leave anonymous letters and slide them under the door of the directors or administrators office. Don't confide in anyone, there are allways back stabbers. Good Luck! It won't happen overnight. Don't show any fear. You got to be tough...leather skin. Think about how hard you worked for your nursing license. Are you really gonna let one or two nurses get to you. NO WAY! I know you can over come this. Because I did at one time.

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    Sometimes the Bully nurse is burned out in nursing. Don't take it personal. Just make sure you do your work right. Perhaps the Bully nurse isn't a very good nurse and is a miserable person.

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    That is so true, moved from my home to another state. No better, I should be grateful i have a job. I didn't get a raise and the company I worked for gave us a letter that they will not be giving out raises.I