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    I had a bad experience with my agency not fulfilling what they told me on the phone. I tried to have everything in writing but I guess I missed a piece. Make sure you have the Gross total for your pay written out on the contract!

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    I only write notes on unstable er patients. Everything else is covered in the assessments that we do. Most patients are only there for a few hours.

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    I am looking into starting my first travel assignment. I have asked some friends about things to watch out for and feel that I have everything I need in my contract. My only concern is that I am being offered $X a week broken down as...

    $X an hour
    Meal stipend -$X
    Housing Stipend- $X
    $XXXX Net weekly after taxes

    I only live 41 miles from the hospital. Do I have to worry about them taking the stipends away (They promised me they wouldn't and I don't see any fine print saying they can) and do I have to worry about having to pay extra taxes at the end of the year because I only live 41 miles away.


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    All ER Nurses can get trauma patients. The difference is if you work at a trauma center you will see much more of it and usually keep the patient there instead of shipping them out.

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    Very interesting take on networking! I like it.

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    Never worked on psych, but my understanding is there is always a med nurse on those units. The patients are mostly ambulatory on their own and are responsible for going to the window to get their own meds. The nurse will go find them if they are late for the dose. Not sure for the whole reasoning behind it but im sure it has to do with teaching responsibility.

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    I was looking a little more around the internet and it looks like nusing informatics is a nursing degree (which I assumes means its more valuable) and healthcare informatics is not a nursing degree. You can go into it with any bachelors. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

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    I can't be too much help as I am looking for the same information as you are. My best advice is to read through all the old posts here and if you are currently employed talk to your HR department/nurse recruiter about job opportunities/salary for both and you could also talk to informatics nurses where you work about job outlook. That is my plan at least. Have you looked into any online schools? Maybe you could go out of state if its online only. Sorry I'm not more help but from everything I'm reading on here is seems like the degree is hit or miss and experience is key.

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    Have you tried applying to the hospitals close to where you are from? I had to leave the small community ED after 6 months of er experience (3 was orientation) and was offered jobs at all 3 ers I applied to closer to home.

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    Yes it does happen. It is complete BS in my opinion, but it is the way of the world unfortunately.

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    The great thing about being a nurse is you have all these different options to choose from. If you decide to change positions and dont like it you can always change again. I would recommend ED or ICU because once you have done that you will have the critical care skills wherever you go! In any ED you will be begging for the days where you are bored and cherish any downtime you get

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    gotta be when 95 year old ladies hit on me

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    aviators all the way. worth the extra few $$

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    I've heard of it happening and have worked with people who have done it and are amazing er nurses. Ive worked at 3 different hospitals and they would not hire new grads to the ed. Depending on where you live and what hospitals are around you may have to work on a floor for 6-12 months then transition. The only way to find out is to call the nurse recruiter and or manager