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    OMG, with only 2 months to go! I was almost half way through. I know I have been devastated, it has been the greatest loss of my professinal life and I am financially ruined. You must be devastated too!
    It seems that older nurses with more experience have a rougher time, are even targeted. This was stated in another blog on this link. What part of the country are you in? I have the same questions as you, but don't have the energy or resources right now to try another school. Maybe in the future.
    PLease contact me if you can, i haven't figured out how to do that thru this site though??

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    My grades were great but for some reason "singled out" i clinicals. Passed thru a probationary period and two weeks later was being asked to withdraw. To say that the learning enviroment at the clinicals site was not nurturing is putting it mildly. I was subject of defemation and gossip among other things. I withdrew but then rescinded under the advice of a lawyer so that I could file grievance because i truly believe that my clinical performance was not substandard.
    The whole experience has been beyond horrible. I invested thousands and much hard work and was half way thru. Do you mind telling me how where you went to school and how old you are? There seems to be a pattern among older students.

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    Can you give me any more info on this hazing stuff?

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    Can you give me any information on Barry's attrition rate? I have recently been dismissed, unfairly of course.

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    Broward General in Fort Lauderdale. I have filed grievance with them. Would love to hear from anybody with similar experiences.

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    I have had the same experience at Barry University. Was just dismissed and am filing grievance. Was definately victim of hazing and treated unfairly. Understood your post perfectly and is exactly what I have experienced. Am lookin for others!! Am a female over 40!! Can you please contact me at my email --see profile