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    I'm currently relearning/refreshing my memory to do with A&P, but where would be a good place to start learning again?

    E.g. cells -> tissues -> enzymes etc?...


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    Could someone please explain the renin angiotensin system to me? I'm currently revising the cardiovascular system & It's not something that I seem to have seen much of? Is the renin angiotensin system, the main system that regulates blood pressure?

    Thank you .

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    I've been working in HDU since November, as a newly qualified & Is it too soon to leave ? The past 3 months, have been an interesting experience & a real, learning curve but it's also been the most stressful & scary of times. The staff on there have been really supportive & trying to help/teach me, but I'm still finding it hard to settle on to the unit even tho' now I have my own patients & I'm responsible for their care.

    I know myself, that I've had a hard time settling on to HDU & Getting my head round everything. I lack confidence in what I'm doing & I feel like a student, as in I'm constantly asking about things, even the most simple of things. & I seem to have this fear around me, of being on the unit. Because of this, I get stressed out & to the point where it's affected my sleeping, my eating etc .

    I've tried to calm myself down, to calm down my stress levels & chatting with someone about it, but it doesn't seem to be working. Am I expecting too much? Is it too soon to leave?... I feel like by staying there, it's not going to do me any good... & I feel bad thinking like this, because I'm newly qualified ish & I've been there only 3 months...

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    I qualified last Autumn & I got a job on critical care, which has been an interesting experience, stressful... But rewarding at the same time . I've been on there for nearly 3 months now & I'm struggling/finding it hard, to deal with the basics... & I feel bad about it. I feel OK with basics like personal hygiene, assessment's, etc but the A&P is probably the topic I'm struggling with the most. I feel bad about it, because I should at least remember/understand the basics? But since finishing, it all seems to have gone out of my head .

    When I go home from work, or when I have time off... I'm revising/learning stuff again, did anyone else feel like that? & Does anyone have any tips please?

    Sorry about the mini rant ^^;;.