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    You are absolutely right!!! Our kids need to us doing these things.

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    ALL of these posts' were EXTREMELY informative and VERY helpful!!! THANK YOU! I have been a stay home Mom for 9 years, got my real estate license in 2006 - NOT a good time to get licensed!! Anyway, tried real estate for 2 years, made no money - decided to change my career and get into the medical field. I took Basic Arryhthmia and EKG courses, got certified in both, but having a hard time getting a job, because I have no working experience in the medical field. So, I am volunteerng at the hospital on a nursing floor- medsurge. I have committed to 240 hours of volunteer work. I am hoping to complete the program by June 2010. Once I have completed, my hope is to obtain a permanent paying position at the hospital, so that I can go back to school for nursing. I am 46, so changing my career a little late in life, makes me want to get through school, as quickly as I possibly can! I would LOVE to take an accelerated nursing program!! I too will be starting from the beginning, having not taken any classes as of yet, to get into a nursing program. So, again, all this information was very, very, very informative and helpful!!! Excellent!! Thanks again, everyone! I'm up for the challenge, and looking forward to when I can finally start!!

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    Thank you! I checked w/the school I want to attend, and lucky for me they do not have a waiting list. What a blessing. Thanks again.

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    How long does it normally take - from start to finish - to get a ADN? Thank you.

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    Has anyone attened or attending the Chaffey College nursing program, located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA?

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    Thank you, this was very, very helpful! I will do just that.

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    I want to become a RN, and want to enter into a RN Program, but I am not sure of what classes I need to take first, before hand. I want to know just the minimum classes that are required to enter a program. I reside in Southern California, not sure if this makes a difference on classes? Thank you.