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    04 Infiniti G35 coupe, black. It only takes premium gas and gets boat-like gas mileage, but that's what hubby and I signed up for when we bought it. The 280 horses make up for it Looking forward to replacing our other car later this year with a MB C320 4matic.

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    July 31st, 2004! It seems like it'll never come!

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    Have to vote for the Birkenstocks also. I was wearing New Balance but my feet, knees and back ached all the time. I just got the Birkenstock C120s and they're great. They're hideous and $120, but if they help me get through a 12 hour day more comfortably, then so be it! I'm finding that my attitude toward shoes for work is becoming more and more similar to my attitude toward bathing suits and jeans--if they're comfortable and/or they make me look skinnier, I'll pay anything and I'll probably get 3 or 4 pairs

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    To add to the last post, the most recent quote (about a month ago) I got from a recruiter at FH for a new grad is $18.10. ORHS pays $17.60. IMO, shift diffs are better at ORHS. No sign on's anywhere. I do know that if you want to do the critical care orientation at FH, you owe them 18 more months of work. They consider the "$20,000+" they spend on you to train you to be a critical care nurse like a sign-on bonus I guess. If you leave before that, you owe them money. I think that's a bunch of malarky and I won't work there for that reason when I graduate. But ORHS may do the same thing; I don't know. You have to probe quite a bit to get that info from the recruiter. They know that policy is a deterrent, so they try not to advertise it.

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    How many of you have private liability insurance (e.g. not through your employer)?
    Can you share why you believe it's important to carry it and any tips on what to look for in a provider?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I work at APH as a clin tech right now before I finish my BSN later this year. It's a great facility and expanding very quickly. They are currently building a huge addition to their urgent care facility, going from "urgent care" to level I trauma center in the next 18 months, and thus almost tripling their ED staff. The pay is a little less than Florida Hospital but I think the differentials are better. Base pay for a brand new GN is $17.60. Not sure what the midpoint is, but I know it increases a decent amount after your first year or so. Their computer system leaves much to be desired, but they are upgrading it to a Windows-based system in the next 9-12 months.
    Overall, I think it's a great place to learn. Staff are extremely friendly on every unit I've been on. I did my peds clinical at Florida Hospital South and thought it was an ok floor, but APH has impressed me more.

    Hope that helps answer your questions!

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    I'm still confused about the make-up question. Can you clarify?

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    Since my graduation is so close to my 1st wedding anniversary, my husband and I are going back to where we got married, the Ritz-Carlton at Amelia Island. I love the hotel and the beach is beautiful. It will be a well deserved mini-vacation, anniversary celebration and graduation gift, all-in-one!

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    Anyone have any opinions on the best/most comfortable shoes to wear while working on the floor? My New Balance walking shoes just aren't cutting it. I love my Birkenstock sandals, but don't know about their "professional" line of shoes. Anyone tried them before??

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    To answer your question succinctly: no, I don't do all the readings. That would be an impossible feat. I tried to for the first 2 weeks or so of my program and then realized it was futile. I'm in my 3rd of 4 semesters so far and am a straight A student, so not reading hasn't been too detrimental. I pick and choose what's important and hone in on that. Maybe it's not the best strategy for every student, but it works for me

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    I graduate July 31st! I'm jealous of all you May grads!

    Mel D, that stinks that you finish in December, but don't get your pinning ceremony until May. What a crock!

    I'm in an accelerated program as well, and we have our ceremony the day before graduation. We had to fight for that, though. I guess they think that since we've already done the college graduation thing once before that we don't care about our pinning ceremony--couldn't be farther from the truth!

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    It's frightening to me how blinded people really can become by their bigotry.

    One of the couples at my church is black, husband is an MD and wife is an NP in the ER. They were on a flight to Europe when one of the male passengers (white) fell unconscious d/t a massive MI. Flight crew asked if anyone could help and they obviously both stood up to offer their assistance--could this guy get more lucky?? Amazingly, in the midst of screaming hysterically, the guy's wife refuses to have two "n***ers" touch her husband! Everyone was horrified and actually pulled her away so the couple from my church could work on him. Luckily they had a defibrillator on the plane and were able to keep him alive until they landed but supposedly, he later died.

    We were all dumbfounded when they returned home and told us the story. Just the fact that they didn't take this lady out after they stabilized her husband amazes me. I guess I thought we had progressed farther along in our ethnocentric thinking than we really have...

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    Just got my grade back from my adult cardiac test... and I got an A! It's supposedly one of the hardest of the semester and I would believe it with all those rhythm strips that were on it. I have another undergrad degree in engineering and I still struggled with reading and understanding those suckers.

    Just had to share my excitment!

    It's the little victories in life, you know?

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    I can only speak for UCF, as I am currently getting my BSN there (2nd degree). UCF does consider your overall undergrad GPA, but they especially focus on how well you did in your prereqs. There are about 30 hours worth of prereqs at UCF and both sociology and statistics are included. If your other prereq grades are in low B to C land, I would consider taking them over, but that's entirely up to you. If you have an otherwise pretty good GPA (>3.5), it may not be a big issue. In my opinion, Statistics, A&P, Micro and Chem are the top 4 worth trying to get the best grade possible. UCF is of the opinion that past performance is indicative of future performance. I have heard that the generic program receives upwards of 400 applications for roughly 90-100 spots. Since the accelerated program just started this past May, I'm not sure how many applications they received. We do have about 30 students in the program though. If you have other questions about UCF, you can pm me and I'd be happy to answer them as best I can.

    Quote from chuckcamp
    does anyone know if nursing schools in florida accept anything aside from the prereq GPA in determining admission? i am afraid my "C" in economics and other un-related classes will screw me over with the state schools here...

    also, i got a "D" in sociology and a "C" in stats my freshman year of college because i was going through the whole "party in college" thing.. should i retake these classes?

    how hard is it to get into USF? UCF? UF? FSU? FIU? UNF? MIAMI?.. i'm trying to get a BSN

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    76% Dixie. Born in Morristown, NJ and raised in Atlanta.

    Can you imagine how much more southern I'd be if I hadn't gotten in those 7 short but critical years in New Jersey? That's a scary thought...

    Now I live in Florida and am still getting over the fact that some restaurants only serve Pepsi and sometimes don't even have fresh sweet tea! That's Communist in Atlanta!