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  • Jun 7

    Quote from LWildman
    AWESOME! I'm super excited now! I was afraid I'd have to be watching to make sure I wasn't stabbed with a toothbrush or something.
    That is too funny! I can tell I would like you!

  • Jun 7

    I interacted w/patients, attended mental inquest trials,med education,group thearpy. I wore headphones for a whole day while I cared for patients....the headphones were playing all these voices to show us what it was like to "hear" voices. It was awful....the voices were so mean & the things that they said..... horrible! It sure gives you a view into how terrible this must be...scary & sad. I don't know how some of these people do as good as they do. I had a really great clinical experience & learned a lot. I did my clinicals at a state hospital.

  • Apr 21

    Yes I did & I feel your pain! I had NEVER had algebra in my life & I thought I would die. I have always hated math & had a fear of it. I took pre-algebra w/several other classes & made an A! I then took college algebra during a summer session w/a lot of other classes. It was kinda a do/or die type of thing, I made a B & was thrilled to death! It was a night class 3 hrs long.....since it was during the summer it was extremely fast paced & some nights I would cry all the way home. I did it & so can you....I promise you no one could possibly be more terrified or any worse at math than me. I made up my mind I would pass...that was my goal. I spent a lot of time doing problems over & over....once you get the hang of it, it's not too bad.If you already know how to do the pre-algebra stuff you are already way ahead of where I was.....I knew nothing. Set your mind for success......that I learned was half the battle. I won't tell you it will be may want to pull your hair out as a matter of fact....but how bad do you want to conquer this? I was so proud of myself I faced the math monster & I won! You can get in there & just pass!
    Good Luck :wink2:

  • Sep 17 '17

    I was taught not to chart bruise, but describe what I saw....color, size, & so on.

  • Jul 26 '17

    [quote=Fribblet;5073909]How do you know how deep another person's faith goes? How are you able to judge how faithful a person truly is? Do you know what's in another person's heart?

    Do people of deep faith who do horrible things also have the lord working through them?[/quote

    This is not meant to be argumentative, but why do people become so defensive when anything pertaining to the Lord comes up? Please lets just answer the poster's either pertains to you or it doesn't. No one type of faith was mentioned.....just faith. Some just happen to be faith in God....and to answer your last
    question....The Lord is not in anything horrible.....only man.

  • Jun 30 '17

    Quote from limitless_84
    your patients are paying customers who are receiving a service for their money. coming from the perspective of a mother with a medically fragile child, and also a bsn student, i can certainly empathize with some of the "demands" patients can make. i have always demanded competent care for my child, for instance, whether or not the nurse or physician has wanted to give it. i have been forceful when necessary, rude occasionally, and in every instance my child's well-being was at stake. sometimes people are just douchebags, but i think fairly often they're simply sticking up for themselves the way they know how to.
    expecting competent care is fine, and all patients deserve it. i don't care if you are "paying" or not there is no excuse for bad manners. there are other ways to ensure your loved one gets the care they need. many times patients do not understand just because they want something, or something done a certain way.....their way may not be in their best interest.....and this customer stuff is ridiculous. you are not my customer, you are my patient....there is a difference.