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    Quote from stevierae
    Helloooo?? Since when is doing what you are paid to do--and doing it the way it should have been being done in the first place--something to complain about?

    So sad--I wonder how patients would feel, or families of those patients would feel, knowing that they will be the recipient of "minimal standard of care?"
    I personally have been on the recieving end of the "minimal" if you can even call it that standard of care. I was 19 years old and had to have an ACL repair--while strapped into bed (CPM) at 0300 the next morning, call light out of reach, terrible pain and had to pee, I was miserable. I had not seen a nurse since about 2100 and I hadn't been to sleep yet--yup! I finally had to yell out for help, when the first nurse came in, she said she would be right back with something for pain and ran out of the room, I heard her complaining all the way down the hall!!! :angryfire Finally the only CNA on that night came down the hall, helped me to the bathroom, and brushed my hair for me. Thank you to all of the nurses and other ancillary staff who go above and beyond for their patients!!! I knew I wanted to be an excellent nurse before that incident, but it drove it home even more. It comes down to integrity--own it and take pride in all you do.

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    When I was working LTC as an agency CNA before nursing school (often 16 hr shifts because other staff CNA's "called in sick" all too often) I had some of those very thoughts, and I wasn't even the RN yet. I truely love the elderly also, my very best friends are mostly 40 plus years older than I am. When I had those days I always reminded myself that all the effort and the long nights of achy legs and never ending crap jobs would pay off. My reward always came when I needed it most, and it was usually from the person you least expect--your most demanding resident. That "Thank you for being gentle and kind." or the "I need a hug, how 'bout you?" would erase a weeks worth of Ibuprphen and bucket full of doubt about why I wanted to be a nurse. So remember to take a deep breath, keep asking for help, and take the hugs when they are offered. Keep caring and sharing!!

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    I am a ADN student completing my last semester, and while I am extremely excited to be nearing graduation, I am starting to second guess myself. I am looking for any words of wisdom for preparing for NCLEX. I already have a job on medical floor as a graduate nurse in May, so the pressure is on to pass "boards". Thanks for all of your help in advance.