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    Hello All! I am new to this forum so please excuse me if my question isn't in the proper place, but I desperately need a bit of assistance!

    I am currently contemplating going into the field of nursing soon, as I think it fits my personality, life and career goals better. I already have a Bachelor's degree in Communications, with work experience in public relations, so I'm looking into getting in an accelerated program for nursing since I have already gone through the 4 years of school and all the general "liberal arts" classes a bachelor's degree requires. However, the work load and stress level that I've heard the accelerated program has is quite daunting. This is the reason I was possibly looking into going for an LPN first...hopefully starting my career if the economy allows it...and then going back for the RN while still working. I am totally new to all these different certification levels and degrees that the field of nursing has to offer and I'm sort of confused on which level I should start.

    So, basically I am looking for some general insight from the professionals! In terms of how expensive the program is, stress level, salary and lifestyle, do you suggest going into an accelerated program (if I could get in!) or starting off going for the LPN and then moving up from there? Has anyone else had this dilemma? I am looking for any and all comments about this topic - any information will be helpful. Thank you : )