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    Quote from elkpark
    I'm not trying to be critical or mean, just sincerely curious, but how did you manage to get into college to study engineering without a HS diploma or a GED? I didn't think that was possible.
    Hehe, you're not being mean; I used to wonder the same thing.

    Most community colleges will accept students without a high school diploma or equivalent only because we have to start from the very beginning (basic math classes, basic English composition). So, in essence, we're finishing up what we didn't learn in HS through the first year of CC.

    To everyone else: thank you for the advice. Asian parents can be hard on their kids. LOL.

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    OK, I know I posted a previous thread with questions about becoming an LVN. But I just talked to my dad for the first time in months and he reminded me that his long-time dream was for one of his daughters to become an RN. Not just for job security and pay, but to really, really help others. I'm 24 (just turned on Wednesday), my third sister is 28 and has zero interest in school, my second sister is 30 and enjoys her job working as a bartender, and my eldest sister is 34 and has already completed a bachelors in something totally unrelated to health care (and she has no desire to return to school either). It makes me really, really sad to know that neither of us could fulfill his wish, so I think I might be a last chance... he's already 60, going on 61 soon.

    I live in California. What are the requirements to become an RN? What are the necessary steps I should take? I read somewhere that you absolutely must have a high school diploma (I don't have a HSD or a GED, but I'm in college studying engineering).

    I apologize for the annoying questions, but I figured this would be an honest place to ask.

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    OK, I just called VSAH and they said students don't have to be a legal resident of the US to enter their LVN program. They did say, however, that you need some form of SSN to take the licensure exam. That doesn't make sense?

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    Thank you for merging the threads and thank you for your answers. They were very helpful.

    This is interesting though... I knew someone else who said she didn't have her papers (though she has a SSN and a valid driver license) and she is still going to a vocational school for LPN. So I guess she either lied or her school is one of those shady schools. Which brings me to this question... is there some possibility that hospitals will allow LVN school graduates to work without a license?

    Back to my original question... has anyone had any experience with VSAH in Reseda? I might stop in tomorrow to take a tour and ask some questions, but I wanted to see if anyone had any first-hand experience with them.

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    My question is: are you required to be a legal resident of the US to go to a one year vocational nursing school?

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    I've been looking around at LVN schools for some time now and this is a school that's closest in location to me. Does anyone have any experience or know anything about this school? I just want to get a heads-up before I go in and start asking questions about tuition and requirements.

    I have one additional question as well: my friend is also looking to get into the nursing field (she's tired of restaurant work). One problem: she isn't a legal resident of the United States. Is being a legal resident of the United States a prerequisite for getting into this school, or any vocational nursing school for that matter?