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    thanks to your advices..i really wanted to go here for my adn, especially after the hardships ive been through with my prereqs. and the entrance exam..but I am also considering the finances since i was not approved for financial aid bec. of my bachelors degree and our tuition fee increase to 150% (whooah)..and next year 2010 ched will implement the new curriculum for nursing school in the phi. but the 3 schools told me i will still be under the old curriculum if i will enroll next summer of 2010, after that all the students will be under the new curriculum. well I think I need to pray hard for my decision..wish me luck. :redpinkhe

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    Hi I am currently residing here in illinois as immigrant and going for the ad nursing program next spring, which will start january of 2010, at the same time i sent my credentials in the philipipines for evaluation and since i am a graduate of a bachelors degree in the phi. almost all of my classes was credited and 3 schools told me i can take their bs nursing program for only 2 years, those schools were lanting college, st. rita college, and emilio aguinaldo college and they told me i have to decide till june of 2010 because new curriculum will be implemented soon. now i need your advice guys, if ever i finished my nursing in the phi. will i still seat for the local board, take english exam, and cg?. because if i will take my adn here in ill. i will only take nclex. but I am considering the finances here, i am pretty sure I can save a lot if i go back home, but..i have a family here to think too...oh pls help me decide...:spin: